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XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 (Coming April 10th!)


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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 has passed cert and is coming Tuesday, April 10th! 

Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 has been shipped off to cert! 

The team was at the office late last night to send this build to cert, so big thanks to them for working so hard! We’ve gathered goods from Update 22.16.0 all the way up to 22.17.0 (+ some handpicked changes from latest Update) in this build! Curious about what we’re dishing out this Update? Here’s a look at some of what you can expect: 



The Grineer have grown too comfortable in the stillness of space. They have forgotten how to be subject to the desert, how to wring life from sand and withered leaves. They do not remember the violent storms, the blistering heat, the absolute and total wrath of the desert.

The time has come to remind them.  

  • Inaros Ramses Skin - A god among mortals. A king among Warframes. Ascend the throne and become Inaros Ramses.
    • The skin will be released with the texture and tintability updates released today on PC. The Art Team went back and adjusted the shaders to make the following improvements that you can see here:


    • Tweaked Inaros’ Ramses Skin material by adjusting the shaders so the colors don’t appear as muted.
    • Switched metal texture in the Accent slot to a more accurate metal.
  • Longsword Kopesh Skin- A sword forged for a pharaoh. Bestow the form of this curved blade on any one-handed longsword.
  • Scarab Syandana - The signature Syandana of Inaros Ramses.



With all parts of TennoGen Round 11 live on console, we thought to ourselves… Well that just won’t do, we need more! So with this update, we’re bringing you a bundle that features pieces from previous TennoGen releases. You guys have been asking for it, and with this update, we’re delivering! 

  • Mirage Jolli Helmet by Cheshire
  • Zephyr Skeiron Skin by novadragon01
  • Sybaris Overload Skin by Reisen.Udonge
  • Frost Summit Helmet by artarrwen
  • Liset Maltzur Oculus Skin by Cobalt



    This remaster is largely rooted in improved functionality across the board! We've aimed to do just that by:

    • Giving you better decorating tools.
    • Offering you more decorations.
    • Giving you more functionality in the Dojo.

    In addition, we’ve changed and added the following to better your Dojo experience! 

    • Increased the Decoration capacity in all Dojo rooms!
    • Clan members will have the ability to contribute their own Orbiter Decorations to the Clan Vault using the Treasury! Only Architects can place Orbiter decorations in the Dojo. 
      • If you want to start to get a head start on what Decorations you’d like to donate to your Clan, choose wisely! Orbiter Decorations CANNOT be refunded back to the original Orbiter inventory once they’ve been donated to the Clan Vault.
    • ... and more! 


    Endless Kuva Survival is coming! This game mode offers players a much-requested avenue to acquire Kuva outside of the Siphon/Flood mechanic and on the aptly named Kuva Fortress (Taveuni). Players, both Public and Solo, will have to balance risk and reward as they sacrifice their Life Support Towers for precious Kuva. The current Kuva awarded per successful Kuva Harvester is set at 200, but this value is not set in stone (https://twitter.com/sheldoncarter/status/980250421624262657):

    • This new game mode also comes with general Kuva Fortress improvements!
    • Kuva Guardian will also be easier to turn vulnerable but will become tougher to kill once they are.
      • NEW vulnerability flow: No stun state required. Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.
      • Previously vulnerability flow was: Operator Void Blast to stun, then Void Dash when stunned to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.
    • ...And more!


    • Nezha Jinza Helmet


    • New Grineer and Corpus Articula! Poseable and scalable models of both Grineer and Corpus foot soldiers + 2 Pose Sets for both!


    • New Sukshma Decorations! Decorate your Orbiter (or Dojo) with the exquisitely designed Sukshma Decorations that add luxury and class!




    • New placeable Orbiter Decorations:
      • Equinox Day-Form Noggle
      • Equinox Night-Form Noggle
      • Equinox Combined-Form Noggle
      • Ropaka Planter
      • Daaru Planter
      • Aranya Planter
      • Kukkura Pet Bed
    • Legendary Arcane Trading Changes:
      • 100k Credits for Unranked Legendary Arcane
      • 300k Credits for Rank 1 Legendary Arcane
      • 600k Credits for Rank 2 Legendary Arcane
      • 1M Credits for Rank 3 Legendary Arcane
    • Enemy Hit Notifications: Targeting and damaging enemies with weapons will produce a much more defined contact sound to identify if your shots are dealing damage. You will also hear whizz-bys and ground surface effect types better as well. This feature is especially useful when shooting at enemies from long distances (can be toggled on/off in the Audio Options Menu). 
    • Eidolon Shrine Changes: As most Tenno have discovered, Eidolon Shards are necessary to continue your hunt for the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. These changes are not towards the Shrine mechanic itself, but for the way Shards are consumed if an unfortunate Host migration or loss of connection occurs.
      • Brilliant/Radiant Shards are not removed from player inventory until the respective Eidolon spawns.
      • Players can remove their Shard after inserting it into the Shrine (until the Eidolon spawns, at which point it is removed from their inventories and consumed by the Shrine).
      • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if a Host migration occurs before the Eidolon spawns.
      • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if Night ends before the respective Eidolon spawns.
      • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if players extract from that Plains before the Eidolon spawns.
      • Vomvalysts no longer drop Sentient Cores when they are auto-'killed' at sunrise.
    • The Shard selection screen will show you how many Brilliant or Radiant Shards you have available to convert into Focus (originally this number would only be available to you once you had selected what Shard type you wanted to convert).
    • Dodge/roll out of Zephyr’s Tail Wind hover! This change will also fix getting locked out of all other actions for the duration of Tail Wind if a dodge/roll was initiated while charging.
    • Updated the look of Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead minions to help players better differentiate between them and real enemies.
    • Boltor Prime Status Chance increased from 32% to 34%.
    • Upon escaping your Orbiter via sneaky level holes, you will now be teleported back inside. Those of you that had already discovered these holes and placed Decorations in space, you can contact support.warframe.com now to have your Decorations put back into your Inventory before the update goes live. 
    • Ayatans (with the same type and socket layout) can be placed as Orbiter Decorations can now be placed back to back.
    • Transference to your Operator in the Dojo!
    • When switching between different Zaw previews in Hok’s Anvil, it will show their comparison stats, similar to the Arsenal!
    • Added a Chat command to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’. Enabling this will prevent any new Private Messages and mission invites from appearing. In addition, it will also auto decline game Invites and auto-reply to private messages to indicate that you are unavailable. If you have a private conversation tab active or if you initiate a private conversation, you will still be able to communicate.
      • Enable Do Not Disturb by typing /dnd (Do Not Disturb) in Chat
      • Disable Do Not Disturb by typing /normal in Chat
    • Customize your Operator and access your Focus Trees while in Cetus!
    • Added “Mission Time” to the End of Mission screen under STATS.
    • Added Fishing, Amps, Zaws and Mining categories to the Foundry.
      • If you do not own items that are in these categories, you will not see the respective Foundry tabs.
    • Added FEATURES, BODY, and AMP categories to the Operator customizations options.
    • You can search for Zaws in your Inventory via their Entitled name.
    • Opened arbitrarily locked Void doors/walls that held Rare items. It’s been known for awhile now that the classic combination of Punch Through + Vacuum could grab these items for you, but now it’s open season for all!
    • Fish Bait descriptions will indicate what time of day that the respective fish will spawn.
    • Slightly changed the color of each Fishing Spear to better identify which Spear you’re equipping.
    • Changed the Fishing Spear Icons in Fisher Hai-Luk’s store to focus more on the Spear tip to better identify each Spear.
    • Updated the Verismo Syandana and Boltor Bravura Skin material to appear more metallic (for improved reflections and highlighting) to better match the Octavia Maestra Skin.
    • Added ability to re-open the Ambulas boss doors from the outside if you’re an unlucky Tenno who got locked out of the arena cause your squad initiated the boss fight without you.
    • Infested Ancients will attempt to attack in more ways than just knockdowns and pulls when you’re within melee range.
    • Placing in the top 20 in a weekly Leaderboard with at least 50 entries will show a notification about your placement!
    • Sentinels and their weapons will display stats when Chat linked and viewed in the Codex.
    • Removed the ability to purchase multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana from the Market. With the changes to how Arcanes are equipped, buying multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana is not necessary.
    • ...and much more + a hefty helping of fixes! 

    We’ll be updating this thread once the update clears cert and we have an official release date! 

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    As i was skipping through details i noticed changes to nekros ability to summon the dead. i must say. when ive had a late night or a long day i do find myself shooting at his minions. realising. then wondering about my life. so thankyou . im keen to see those changes.


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    Hopefully the shrine bugging out to where it can't be interacted with will be one if the unlisted fixes. End up wasting a whole night cycle because of it. Was hoping to see the excal apex skin included in the back dated tennogen items 😫 but I guess we can look at it as progress of some sorts. 

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