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Help ..about The 3 New Mods !



hello !

well i missed the Event .. cuz whenenever i join a Cvoid run i disconnect after 10 sec maximum !! that was really really annoying as hell .. i worked to ix the error .. and all these 4 days i couldnt .. i faced it .. i got just 1 point ... by doing it solo .. so i got the first mod "Shred"

but the mod that am dieing to get is Vigor .. and i didnt .. my total points are 7 ...when the event was on 100% last part .. my connection error were solved ..damn it

so yeah i didnt get the Mod "Vigor"

so IS THER ANY DAMN WAY TO GET IT ?!?!?! OMG I NEEED IT .. its a MUST for me !!

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