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Broken Key?


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I don't know if this is where to put this, but it has SOMETHING to do with the dojo.  When the keys first game out I got one and made it thinking I would have my own dojo, I don't but no biggie.  However, now it seems that having the key is blocking me from joining a clan.  Iv tried to join 2 so far and both ppl say they are getting a message saying I am currently in a clan.  My clan window is blank and I have not joined one.  So I THINK it has something to do with having a key but not having a clan.  So, my question is, how do I delete the key? I already tried under arsenal/inventory but keys are not listed there and there is no delete option under the keys.

is this a bug anyone knows about IF it even has anything to do with the key itself?


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