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Corpses Shooting


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Hey all, I've been playing Warframe with a friend for a few weeks and every so often we come across this bug... well, I say we but it's only happened to him once.


On my side, one of the corpses starts firing on me non-stop, usually killing me pretty quickly unless I can find cover. My buddy doesn't see/hear this happening, nor does he take any damage if he gets in the line of fire. The shooting doesn't stop until the corpse disappears permanently.


We suspect it may be related to who invites whom to the session, as he's generally the host. Today we played with a 3rd guy, and when one of the corpses began shooting me, he was able to hear/see this shooting as well.


Does anyone else get this? I more information required?


System info:

Windows 7 x64

4GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 460

Warframe running in Steam (if that even matters)

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