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Inconsistency Of Nyx's Absorb


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when playing in another player's session (as in you're not the host), does anybody feel that nyx's absorb is kinda inconsistent? not only that but sometimes it appears after absoring all the damage, she also takes damage herself, along with her enemies.

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Not sure what kind of luck he has, but I find myself -never- using absorb because it 50% of the time will either....


A: Not kill anything because it is somehow blocked by something invisible.


B: Not kill enemies behind enemies. (Not go through enemies, so the ones behind are still alive.)


C: Get me killed because you take damage as you come out of the animation. The ending animation lasts about 1.5-2 seconds. When that Heavy Gunner hasn't died (as well as everything else in the room) you die extremely fast.


Absorb is most of the time complete garbage. It is sad because it is an awesome ability. I used to think that the only thing absorb was good for was to regen shields in the middle of battle. (Due to the lack of reliability with killing enemies.) However it usually just ends in death.


There are -some- times it will work. But the fact that you gamble your life on it working or flopping isn't worth using it.

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