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Phobos Lakes: Hopping In For A Swim


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NOTE TO READERS: I do know water has no physics right now, this is just for when it does.


I have encountered some phobos tile sets with huge lakes in the middle of the maps that are too deep to traverse so I end up having to cat walk around them and be shot at because there is no bridge. 


I was thinking would it hurt to have some form of swimming mechanic for deeper waters? I see that phobos utilizes water a lot more in its maps which got me thinking there will be more planet tile sets with roughly the same or less amount of water.


Now I'm not saying swimming has to be a theme of the game I'm just saying it'd be a little nice mechanic for when taking the catwalk around the body of water isn't an option because of the amount of missile barraging Grineer Hellions. Swimming in deep water could also be used as cover for open spaces or explosives such as hellion missiles or grenades. It could also be useful for stealthing when there is no cover around. 


So what do you guys think? Should Tenno be manly ninjas and learn how to swim when it is needed in tight situations or should they be like a Spartan and be allergic to water?


Comments are Appreciated.

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Why not simply run over the water? We're ninja after all. XD

^This would work too! Although maybe this would be implemented with the rush mod.


But imagine the pros and cons of being able to swim in water. Heres some example.


Pros:1.Protection against Helion missiles, grenades, bullets or other explosives when there is no cover.

        2.You can jump in if your cover is about to be blown while stealthing and theres nowhere to hide.

        3.Firing your guns while in the water will make less noise


Cons:1.Slower movement.

         2.Hopping in the water will make a sound which will make grineer suspicious 

         3.Gun looses some range if fired under water

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