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Phobos Unfinished?


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The art department did a stellar job with phobos. Looks great in 90% of cases.


The level design department, however, seems to have rush-jobbed this.


I've found instant-death holes in geography that have paintmarks leading up to them--you're EXPECTED to be able to reach them!


A number of boulders and such don't have backs--again, in paintmarked regions.


There's an exceedingly high number of "you cannot go there" places, between staircases that lead down to pools, climbing nets leading to nowhere, and shelves that don't really exist.


The entire tileset feels painfully unfinished.


I'm a bit confused on why this was released early(what it seems like), or if it merely didn't appear so badly done on the building system.


I can appreciate that I usually test the limits of the level design past where they're expected to be tested, but the fact that there's actually paintmarks pointing out that players can/should be able to reach these makes me certain it's not just me being over-zealous in my exploration.


I really do hope these are getting retouched/refixed.

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No, you're confusing "unfinished" with "unpolished". We're not talking about "tiny holes", we're talking about "rooms were done wrong". You should not fall out of the map(AND DIE) by merely following paint trails. There is no testing required for that sort of thing.

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If you wanna go to Phobos....


Bring a Dual Zoren.




We need to take screenshots so they can get these issues worked out. It is a brand new tileset and it will have issues. I remember the galleons being pretty buggy too at first, esp Galleon 2.0 (hello, no security terminal rooms that cause you to get locked in irreversibly).

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