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Clan Chat Rank Tag.


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I don't know how much times people do not notice that I'm the Warlord D:. Even if it's fun to see their reaction when they notice that, I'd like to be famous in my clan :3.


So please add a rank tag to everybody so that when they see my rank, they'll be like <3 to me.




Now the real stuff.


This allows Officers to be able to warn users and not need to convince them that they're a Officer. We've got few incidents where we had to expel members because they refused to cooperate with us. This would avoid alot of problems and would be really useful in moderation of our clan chat aswell as in our fame <3 <- real stuff here.


Rank tags like that:


[Warlord] Gryphticon

[Officer] Username

[sage] Username

[soldier] Username

[initiate] Username

[utility] Username

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That can get quickly annoying, as someone in Broframe (ya ya, hush) that will get annoying fast. Perhaps an Astrick (*) next to the name to show a certain rank and above?


99% of player isn't Warframe are not in Broframe. But I wouldn't say a asterix, maybe like [W] for Warlord [G] for General [O] for Officer, [L] for Leader, [sG] for Sage, [sD] for Soldier, for Initate and for Utility.


Or in the worse case, let the Warlords set the tags.

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Or even better, colors. Simple as that. New members will catch on to the colors quickly. They will wonder why certain members are specific colors, and will most likely ask or figure it out themselves.


Colors could be applied to every rank or certain ranks, specifically the top 3 ranks (for my clan its Officer, Commander, Chief). As Gryphticon mentioned, this would help our leaders resolve issues more quickly within the clan because the authority alone influences members to listen.


There could also be the option of colors being customizable by the Warlord, but this could confuse players if they are joining a different clan. Also, guides like the Wiki couldn't specify which color represents which rank because it'd be different for all clans.

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