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Rage Quitters, Y U Host!?


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seriously if your just gonna drop why do you host? just join a game in progress, it takes less time and you dont F*** over the 3 other people who almost always do more work then you do



just saying

You sure they are rage quitting and not the game booting them at the worst time?


I've been ejected right before a defense clear before.

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Recently, I have met quite a few people disconnected from the game when they


1). Cant do the final damage to the boss.

2). Didnt drop bp or resourses

3). The bp is not what they looking for.

4). Rush too far away from the other player, fall down and we cannot revive him.

5). Other player stole their kills

6). Fighting the boss or whatever they are, cannot free the hand to revive him and so he disconnected


I think there have a few more cases but just dont want to bother...


btw, met type 1). 3). 2-3 times today alone...

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