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Coming Soon: Devstream #109!

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1. Will we see "Proto" weapons mentioned sometime ago implemented in the game (in form of mini event) ?

2. When will we get the "Nodashi" ?

3. Minigun?

4. What happened to mandatory mod rework?

5. Will we ever get back the back flips (after wall run) and obstacle jump ?

6. Sentient weapons?

7. Will you ever block the ability to give someone a "Taxi" ?

8. Will you address the problem of "how unfriendly/overwhelming" the game is for new players ?

9. Any new quest ?

10. Tenno reinforcements ?!


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I've never asked a question for a livestream before, but I think it's time I finally do. 

1. Here we go, will the range nerf to Ember's World on Fire ever be changed or removed? Her survivability was drastically reduced at higher levels, unnecessarily as a result. 

2. Banshee's Sound Quake is now more of a problem because players now spam it instead! Are there any alternative solutions to this? One solution I thought would encourage interactivity and team cooperation was to revert Banshee to a stationary Sound Quake, but have the ability to direct that damage in a cone the player could aim. While the power is active it would send out pulses that would stagger enemies. I thought it would be a great addition, but wanted to know what other Tenno, including the devs, thought! 

3. Any news on the updates and changes to companions and will the player be able to select behaviors or give them simple commands like stand down or attack? 

4. What are the new changes to the inventory system and what benefits will these changes provide? 

5. Will we ever see color pickers for Vandal or Wraith colors? That would be awesome! 

6. Is there any way Tennogen content creators would be able to further change the skins of the Warframes in addition to making helmets? 

7. Any news on when the Supra Vandal will return other than, "soon"?

Thanks, Tenno! 

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AI question:

I know that some of the enemy AIs have a dodge feature built in (ospreys and runners/leapers side roll when you target them) so is there a chance we could get some of that idea done on companions and allied AI in the future?  

Beyond how standing still is death in Warframe after a point, they don't have the sense to get out of AoE/area denial effects and just.  keep.  dieing.  Even minor improvements on that front would be great.  

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Question 1: When will Chesa, and other utiltiy based, Kubrows be fixed?

Question 2: Balancing Pets vs Setinials? Pets: Endgame companions or Expensive Dust Collectors?

Chesa Kubrows and other utility Kubrows are still broken. They refuse to use thier precepts around enemies. Take my Chesa for example, it's neutralize mod is still useless, as even though it will activate when there are enemies, my Kubrow just disarms them then keeps attacking the same enemy until it is dead. Retrive is pointless in a firefight too as, with neutralize, my Kubrow only focuses on attacking enemies 15 feet from it and won't grab my gun ammo i need 3 feet from it.  Kavats are proof that this is a bug or a broken freature as they use thier non combat functions while enemies are nearby. Please DE fix utility kubrows.

I do see this issue slowly being fixed, Before the Preciepts wouldn't even work near enemies. Atleast now to "kind of" work. Thank you so much for your continued work DE.

On that subject, Pets in general are just plain unbalanced compaired to setinials.

Lets look at setinials:

  • Can be obtained almost right out of the gate when starting a new account
  • Cheap to make (no incubator or rare resource farming needed)
  • No wait times or resources needed to switch between compainions
  • No stat degredation over time while compainion is out
  • No Resource upkeep
  • More focused on Utility compared to Pets
  • Always stay by your side and don't get stuck on easily manuvarable parts of the map
  • Can revive you
  • Are easier to kill than pets and connot be healed as easily
  • only have a set number of "revives" before they are dead for the mission

Next Pets:

  • Take longer to get as you need to complete a quest for kubrows and then must make it to the derelict to get Kavats
  • Require Much for prerequiste work to get, the above quest to obtain equipment to use pets, Special rare drops only found at 1 location for each pet type (eggs for kubrows/Genetic codes for kavats)
  • 3 hour wait times to switch in between pets (or 30 min if you can get the resources for the "upgrade") or you can use plat or credits(upgraded) to "rush" it
  • Stat degredation for eqipped compainion which result in loss of compainion if you don't have the upgrade
  • Resource upkeep required to keep compainion alive/battle worthy
  • More focused on combat with pets having higher damage and combat abilites than setinials
  • AI cuases pets to glitch out on terrain or not even follow you period which makes them less useful for combat or utility
  • Cannot revive you
  • Are harder to kill as they have more health and can be healed by player more easily
  • Can be revived an unlimited number of times during mission

While the Hunter mod pack has made it possible for pets to now heal you, bringing them one step closer to rivaling setinials. That is so sad that we need a mod pack that hinders our already exsisiting builds to help our pets closer to a substitute for setinials. Pets are a late game compainion, harder to get, require resources to keep going, and yet they are worthless both in and out of mission compaired to setinials. Yes, Pets are more combat focused and do more damage and survive longer, but that does not redem that amount of work or time spent into getting and maintaining/using them. The utility pets are worse than setinials in every way besides survivability since they don't use thier precepts. Even if they did, they don't match up to the setinials due to the sub par pathing AI for pets.

And now with the upcomming addition of Khora, the cat tamer, kubrows and other pets take an even greater fall into the useless depths. As Khora's 3rd ability grants her a, limited time, fully functionaly and modable Kavat that is even commandable. While still all other pets need constant resource dumps to stay with you. 


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  • How deep its customization is going to be, like visuals or weapons?


  • Do you have any plans to expand school's passives by adding the new ones?

Mission Resource Rewards

  • Do you have any plans for Star Chart resource drops and rewards overhaul? It makes some sense if Heavy Grineer would drop Alloy Plates and Neural Sensors while the Corpus proxies would drop Polymer Bundles, Control Modules and Circuits.
  • Do you have plans to tweak mission resource rewards? Spending 20 minutes in Sabotage looking for caches just to get 350-400 units of common resources you'd collected in 5 min outside the Sabotage otherwise doesn't seem right.
  • Is there any chance you'll make Resource Booster affect Mission Resource Rewards similar to Credit Booster which does affect Mission Credits?
  • A cost-capped Riven requires 3500 Kuva to re-roll, so re-rolling two capped Riven mods or just a single one would require 7000 Kuva, however, the Sortie mission has 6000 Kuva in its rewards list. Wouldn't it make more sense to make it 7000 Kuva instead?

Endless missions, Kuva, Kuva Siphon and encouragement

So, you guys made it clear that the purpose of Endless Kuva is to be between other sources and I'd agree with this, be Endless Kuva a non-endless mission. I mean, it makes perfect sense to have the current 200 Kuva per extractor which is exactly an alternative way to Siphon.

BUT. It doesn't make sense that by the time you exceed Kuva Flood level in Kuva Survival you still get 200 Kuva per extractor with the stakes get raised BY A LOT. It doesn't encourage you to stay longer to get better rewards at the cost of possible failure, it does quite the opposite: why would you make your 'virtual' life harder when you can just stay within 'easy peasy' time limit? Kuva Siphon always has Lv.25 enemies and zero boots aiming at your backside while Endless Kuva, however, has requirements to objectives and the enemies leveling up over time. At this point you could just make Kuva Mobile Defense or Hijack (NOTE: MD and Hijack missions don't have rewards at all).

  • So the question is, do you consider increasing Kuva rewards past certain enemy level or time mark? Say, after 40min (which is 2 full rotations) you get 400/600 Kuva per extractor, after next 40min you get 600/800 Kuva?

Not only it kind of simulates the Fissure mode, but it's also a perfect golden middle solution: average player stays for 20-40min in Survival, it's not that hard and it makes perfect sense to have somewhat equal to Siphon Kuva reward, however, when the conditions become tougher shouldn't the player get rewarded for overcoming it?

  • Or maybe there's a chance for Endless Kuva Flood? It's actually one of the most frequent questions, from what I can tell. Some folks would definitely love to start the mission with high-level enemies. And now there's also a chance for good reward!


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Are there any plans to expand Focus (Without nerfing existing focus trees, please.) maybe perhaps adding new focus schools down the line? I've completed focus and I'm pretty happy about that but I'd like to see something I can dump my excess focus into.

Can we get more new weapon skins like the Nusku and Perla skins that are compatible with nearly all weapons of that inventory slot? Both of those skins have completely changed the way I fashionframe my sidearm sometimes because of how free I am to use them, and I'd like to see more like them (hopefully with the supposedly upcoming proto skins you can use them on all weapons of their category even if it looks silly) because I like using my perla with stuff lke the stubba and the pyrana.

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Hello DE Crew! My question for this DevStream is in relation to Companions 2.0 and the state of Loadouts. Currently I cannot have a Loadout of, for example, Nidus using a Helminth Charger and also have a loadout of Inaros using a Smeeta Kavat because at the moment only one Kubrow or Kavat can be selected from my Arsenal menu. Can this matter be addressed with Companions 2.0?


Also relating to Loadouts, Players can currently only have up to 23 Loadout Slots (Assuming they buy all the extra slots allowed and hit the highest Mastery Rank), but with Khora coming we are about to have 35 different playable Warframes. Can something be done to raise the amount of Loadout Slots we can have? And finally, will we be able to tie our Focus to our Loadout Slots someday?


Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!

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Can you make an Exilus-like slot for augments? Nobody likes to sacrifice a mod slot for a passive change to the ability. And since there are supposed to be 4 augments per frame, it would be really nice to have an additional slot exclusive for them. It will also mean that people will have to use more Forma and will probably spend plat to unlock this slot. Win-win.

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Why are we forced to have our accounts linked to facebook.

I dislike facebook, nor do I want to create an account for it.
Yet I do miss out on the goods that are thrown at people that do have their accounts linked.
I mean what's the purpose ?

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Question: Will Titania be getting fixed so she isn't targeted/oneshotted by Anti Archwing weapons before Venus is released? Or should I just give up hope and stick with my Portal Nova? 

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Do you guys have any plans to solve the leeching problem?

People joining games for the sole purpose of grabbing rewards while staying AFK or doing something else other than helping during the whole match is something that heavily discourages using public matchmaking (mainly for kuva farming and PoE Bounties).

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1 minute ago, (PS4)iQuedas said:

Do you guys have any plans to solve the leeching problem?

People joining games for the sole purpose of grabbing rewards while staying AFK during the whole match is something that heavily discourages using public matchmaking (mainly for kuva farming and PoE Bounties).

Being afk already makes it so they don't get rewards. They have to move around at least a certain distance or kill enemies with a gun before the the rewards are presented to be eligible.

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