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Why are there no permanent endless fissures? Please add at least survival so we can have them for consistent play and party planning and the random fissures for variety. 

Why can't we choose the focus school in arsenal? I have a zephyr set up that would benefit from zenurik school, but I also have a saryn set up that benefits more from naramon school. Right now when I switch between the 2 set ups I would also need to go to the operator room to change the schools. Its too inconvenient to bother with, so I'm just using zenurik school.


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4 hours ago, MrDangatang said:

DE has been promising Umbra for a while now.

When can we expect him with the new quest?

Please do not answer with “He is coming” or something similar.

With the new quest. You answered your own question...

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Operator: More uses for the Operator OUTSIDE the plains - maybe a specific enemy that could spawn in some missions, like a/some Vomvalist that could drop some Cores. Or maybe a Kuva Cloud that could randomly spawn... Or, why not both?
Make The other Focus schools actually necessary in some missions - like fighting the (new) Eidolons, or some other type of missions. Or else everyone will just continue use Zenurik... All the time.
Use Operator in other Orbitals - we go there and can't even take of our coats/frames.
Use the Operator in Relays - like we do in Cetus.

Missions: Go search for a key when doors lock - instead of just hacking consoles to move on. Day-night cycles in other planets - don't other planets spin too?
Use the Archwing in the Kuva Fortress - I cry everytime I leave the Kuva Fortress and see the Archwing stats in the reward menu...doing nothing. It hurts, it really does. Kubrows (Earth) and Stingrays (Mars) to drops specific resources - like Rats and Eagles do in the Plains. A use for Iron Wake - since the Harrow Quest I have NEVER returned there. It serves absolutelly NO purpose whatsoever. Either move Pallamino to Cetus and get rid of Iron Wake, or make it have an actual purpose in game... Maybe more shops? Or a mercenary chief that would come once every 2 weeks with special bounties? A 3 to 5 stage mission that would take you all over the starchart and it would give you special rewards at each stage... Just a tought.

Sindicates: Sigil for Ostron Sindicate - because all others have them, and so that we have at least ONE other way to earn standing for them outside the plains. Lure Specters - In the Quills sindicate to capture the Eidolon easelly. NO foundry required! BTW ALL specters should "hold" position by pressing and "HOLDING" square button (PS4). The amount of times they stand still because we are just reloading is too much and reeeeeally annoying. [Make modular weapons ACTUALLY modular - this is very important, because what we do now it just rank up the same weapon... Twice! If you want to keep resource farming just to craft these parts (something I viscerally HATE btw, because archweapons parts come has a WHOLE and we don't have to do get resources or do bunch of steps just to get ONE weapon!!!... But I digress) I suggest that once we upgrade a certain part(s) to level 30 (despite whatever weapons it is attached to) it should be interchangeable with other level 30 part(s). Only after guild, they should be locked to one another and impossible to changeable.]

Conclave: Lunaro needs a map - to quickly see where my teammates and our oponents are... I have requested this too many times, still nothing.
Please upgrade rewards as well, or else no one will play/return to Conclave/Lunaro -possibly Rivens?

Display: Type of orbiter support displayed in HUD - extremelly useful. Reactant marked on radar - a little yellow dot would sufice. Instead of a clutered screen full of icons. Eidolon Cores marked on radar and make them work with vaccum also - a little blue dot would sufice and it should be picked up like Reactant... for the same reason. [Note: Like excavator powercells, these thing are already pretty visible in the game. But unlike powercells that we have to pick up manually, these do not happear in radar but (should just) work with vaccum. And because the hud can get pretty clutered with every little icon, I would prefer to have them marked on radar and have Vaccum pick them up. ]
Diferent icon between Mineral or Cristal displayed in our minning radar - useful, to say the least (btw, boost Eidolon Cristal drops).
Icon for equiped Focus School displayed on the lower right corner - instead of the 5 rings... A "quality of life" improvement to help us see what Focus we have equiped.

Starchart: Missions of Cetus displayed - and able to pick from there, like all other Sindicates have. Instead of having to go in there (again) just to take a look.

Orbiter: Infested Room - Having it there always locked and just accesable to ONE frame or to remove Cysts, is kind of reductive... this room needs more use(s). So my idea was: some kind of enemy we could capture, bring here, sit them on the chair and let it analise(eat) them. This would give us some kind item or boost... Nitain Extract or 10% bonuses for 1h (equal to rare stashes) sounds mighty fine.

Arsenal: Auto color match for weapons - changing weapons in loadout should still match color selection (if costumized, equal to visible or not), just like syndanas do. Costumise your Focus to frame in Arsenal - extremely useful. I, like most players I believe, use certain focus abilities with certain frames. Ence, to have the ability to match scholls to frames right in the Arsenal would be a bit plus.

POE: Able to use Abilities when fishing - same as minning. Instead of unequip spear, use ability, equip spear... Extremelly useful. Use of our ORIGINAL archweapons in POE - because, why not?... Logic. Use our OWN settings to control Archwing - forcing players to play with the "new" style command is annoying and degradating to play-style to say the least. Vaccum to catch Eidolon cores - you did it with Reactants, so... Just follow the same logic. Fight the Teralist in daytime - Not everyone has time to wait to figh it at night, so this would be a great benefit to many players. Also, I believe the Archwing should be more involved in this particular fight... Maybe sacrifice a red shard to fight it underwater? (Where we all know he is hidding - a light would appear in the lake, but instead of him comming out, we had to go in... That kind of thing).

Archwing: Archwing Races, and PvP - POE clearly show you have not forgotten good'old Archwing. Use of regular Archwing weapons in POE- (AND controls)... C'mon, even if you nerfed the damagea bit we still need them. But please boost archwing in POE (one shot takedown? Seriously...) Archwing Defense - comeback PLEEEEEEEASE! Make it ONE objective defense and put some good rewards there (Axi Relics!?) so I can go back to my Archwing fighting days.

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I've got a few questions that I wouldn't mind getting some answers or ideas on:

1: Can we have a more standardised set of void fissure missions, for example, a set endless mission for each tier of relic, obviously changing every hour or so, but always remaining an endless mission, and then have 1 or more non-endless missions for each tier in conjuntion with the endless ones. It can get somewhat irritating having to wait for, in some cases, multiple hours in order to get an endless varient of a fissure mission.

2: Going by what I've seen people talking about with the recent unvaulting, people tended to dislike having the relics tied to either A: cetus bounties or B: syndicate packs. Would it be possible, next time an unvaulting comes around, to be able to get them from other places? Having those options is fine, but I'd rather them not being the ONLY options. Add them to the regular drop pool, and keep them in bounties as a "higher chance" way of acquiring them.

3: This may be answered with the upcoming corpus open world stuff, however unlikely, but for people who have an excess of eidolon cores, would it be possible to somehow convert them into something useful, gems or possibly rare(ish) fish parts, or something along those lines?

OH, forgot one

4: Whatever happened to having that "true" colour randomizer? I wanna see colour from ALL my palettes at once, not just shades of green!

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I only have a few quick questions:

Is the Supra Vandal coming back?
And are the Acolyte noggles coming back?
Are there plans for making more articula like field bosses - Grustrag three, Acolytes, etc?
Lastly, Sentient/Eidolon themed cosmetics for Warframes, Archwing, Companions, Sentients, possibly a Vomvalyst sentient - are they being thought about?


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Can you please remove the incredibly stupid 

Press "X" to type on PC when detected by a controller. There is no point and it severely reduces features while obscuring your vision.(Autotype)

This was made clearly for consoles for their pop-up keyboards.

This is not meant for PC which we already have a keyboard.

If you don't want to remove it, make it a option at the very least.

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Dear DE, I got two questions:

1) Since Ember has now been Mag-ified, how long until you will revisit her to giver her proper strengths without the glaring issues she currently has?

2) Is there any hope we will see Warframes made less clunky, by rolling Augments that should have been passives into the main kit? Or would you atleast be willing to add an additional mod slot only for augments to the loadout?

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