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Warframe Concept(Shield only): Cantus of Hands

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Pirate: "It's grinning. GRINNING! It's looking at us from everywhere. We couldn't kill it! The smiling hands!"

Corpus employer: "You were just supposed to infiltrate the infested ship and make off with the documents in there!"

Pirate: "They weren't looking at us. They were smiling! My comrades were grabbed by gigantic...things and crushed like fruit..."

*Pirate's hysteria reached a climax, requiring moa to neutralize them*

Corpus Employer: "What's gotten in to him? Some kind of new infested thing? Bah! I'll use the moa. Can't count on anyone's help these days."


Intercepted transmission making reference to 'smiling hands'.

Concept: Cantus is a strange frame, having no discernible beginning, but a very 'loud' end. Cantus resurfaced after a period of 'emptiness' where it had not surfaced since the days of Orokin, but now it comes around, wreaking havoc on the enemies of the tenno by wreaking havoc with their minds and the environment thanks to the massive 'hands' that cover his body.

Often found dancing in the peripheral vision of Grineer and Corpus, it disappears when they look at it, then when they turn back, it is immediately in their faces through a form of copying, terrifying the poor souls and causing them to frantically fire in all directions.

Appearance: Cantus is, in actuality, very, very thin in appearance. However, this is hidden by the multitude of torso-sized hands wrapped around its body. Two hands cross together across its body, while two hands wrap horizontally around both parts of the arms and legs, the fingers meeting both hands at the base of their wrists. The right side and top of its head are covered by hands, hiding all but the left side of the face which sports a waxing crescent moon...Save that this is its mouth, and black bars pulse across it, revealing cartoonish 'teeth' instead. The mouth closes and opens and moves around, demonstrating a more psychological aspect to its design. There is still a light behind the right hand, however. What could it be?

Idol Animation: It dances in place by balancing on its 'toes' while its hands wiggle their fingers and those on the lower leg chase after each other before settling back down.


Health: 1/ Max Rank...still 1 (Health damaging effects damage shields instead)

Shields: 1000 8pps in combat /2012 12pps in combat

Energy: 100/200 max rank

Armor: 150 With hands/ 25 without


Passive Pretty good hold on things: Cantus' many hands allow him to keep a firm grip on his weapons and the ground, preventing any enemies from pulling him, pushing him, or tearing his weapons away. Shockwaves and large attacks like explosives will still knock him away/down.

First ability: No, I see you: Cantus attracts the attention of 5/7/9/13 enemies. When they look at him, the player obtains increased movement speed (80%) for 3 seconds and the enemy sees copies of Cantus. Small hands start crawling all over them sporting Cantus' sideways smile and damaging for 25/40/50/55 damage over 5 seconds while the enemy panics and starts shooting at the closest things to it for 5/6/8/10 seconds. (35 energy)

Second Ability: Energy Hold: Cantus uses his mastery of energy storage and boosts damage resistance from all sources by him and his allies by 20/25/30/32% for three seconds while shield regen of him and his allies are boosted by 5 points-per-second/7pps/8pps/11pps during combat for 10 seconds. Subsequently, any enemies killed add one point of shield health to the warframe who performed the kills. (65 energy) The effect is performed by a sliding dance followed by the hands on the top of Cantus' head clapping in rhythm.

Third ability: Iron Grip: The hands on Cantus' torso disconnect and float through the air in phased forms, grabbing every enemy they can and crushing in a tight grip for 200/250/350/500 points of damage. They're then slammed to the ground for an additionnal 50 points of damage. If the enemy survives, their armor is broken for 80% of its value, and they receive the 'bleeding' effect as well. Any enemy in vicinity of the grabbed are thrown to the ground take a minimal amount of damage (50 points?).

The hands are immune to damage, attract the attention of nearby enemies, and wander around the area for 15/17/20/25 seconds before returning to Cantus. Unfortunately, with the hands gone, Cantus' armor drops to a mere 25 points, rendering him vulnerable. He prefers staying near his hands because of the threat they create, essentially keeping him out of the spotlight of danger. Hand speeds are increased by 10/12/15/20% for each level. (85 energy)

Fourth ability: Infinite reach: The hands on Cantus' body come off during one of his dances, leaving him with 25 armor. They attack every enemy they can by smashing them down into the ground for 200-750 damage. Enemies killed see their energy leached, and the hand brings the energy back to Cantus, creating a 2 second-long shockwave where shield regen is boosted by 50pps. If an enemy is held by a hand and killed by an ally, the effect is the same. If an enemy is killed before a hand can reach them, the boost is only a 20pps boost. Others around panic when they see the hands and shoot at them, hoping to free their allies and simply kill the monstrosities.

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26 minutes ago, (PS4)Ghost--00-- said:

What..... the..... FUDGE!!!!!

Oh, I can make all manners of things. Creepy, calm, extravagant...Hm. That gives me another idea. Thanks!

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The problem of a shield only frame is that some doors leaves you without shield. There are also magnetic damages and some corpus ennemis

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On 2018-04-28 at 3:55 PM, ReapeaterX23 said:

If DE made this they'd rename it to Manos(spanish) or Mains(french)

We call that 'Being boring'.

On 2018-04-29 at 12:05 PM, (XB1)TriXhunt said:

The problem of a shield only frame is that some doors leaves you without shield. There are also magnetic damages and some corpus ennemis

I thought of that, but with full health you also have slash and bleeding enemies. With things like nightmare missions, the shields won't go away, but you'd take double damage or have the shield value halved, depending on the negative trait.

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