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Uranus Mission Bugs


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* Stephano, Uranus -- Mission levels are switched.  Shows "31 - 29" instead of "29 - 31"


* Puck, Uranus -- Mission seems to be too high of a level now with a "43 - 45" level range  (not in-line with the current planet's level) and the mission plays on the Corpus Outpost tileset which does not seem consistent with the other missions in the planet (almost exclusively Grineer Asteroid/Grineer Galleon).  The other missions further on that arc go from "34 - 36" (Desdemona) to "40 - 42" (Cupid at the end of the arc).  Also, Titania, Ophelia, Cupid (the second highest level missions on Uranus now) only have a "40 - 42" level range which makes me think that Puck was not updated.



Screenshots :

Stephano and Puck -- http://i.imgur.com/OMMjTWR.png

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