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Grineer Garrison Explorafun: Feedback, Suggestion, Glitch Report


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First thing: I know they're settlements, I named it "Garrison" for alliterative appeal.


Second thing: I usually have general feedback, but I'll wait before doing that, I wanna tour the settlements more. 


The glitch report is the real attraction anyway (you guys can participate too I guess):



#1 TBF: Weird shadow.


1376357059-lighting-glitch-weird-shadow-            Red square highlights the actual glitch, yellow square is a locker submerged in sand. It would be a glitch, but I'm letting this one fly since sand is expected to surround and submerge stuff like that. Just saying I saw it.



#2 TBF: Weird shadows on letters (two instances). 


1376357060-lighting-glitch-weird-shadow-            Speaks for itself. Noticed that glitch on an awful lot of fences (which I suspect were copy-pasted). Maybe fixing one will fix all the others. Link to the other instance here: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/33/1376357074-lighting-glitch-weird-shadow-3-grineer-garrison.jpg



#3 TBF: Faulty mob spawn.


1376357069-mob-spawn-trapped-mob-grineer            A grineer spawned on the other side of this door (where there is nothing) and could be seen sometimes poking through the door (as lancers often do) with his gun. Dunno how to replicate.



#4 TBF: Clipping container.


1376357065-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Container is clipping with the wall behind it.



#5 TBF: Floating rock and black wall.


1376357068-props-glitch-floating-rocks-a            If you go where Ember is standing, you can clearly see the rocks around you float. In addition to that, if you stand where Ember is and look in the direction of the grey arrow (or Ember's Ignis) you can see a big rock wall that is all black.



#6 TBF: Snow particles?


1376357068-props-glitch-snow-particles-g            I am not sure about this one. I mean, sure the deserts are dusty (understatement), but that doesn't look like floating particles of sand or something, it looks like snow. More instances: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/33/1376357076-props-glitch-snow-particles-2-grineer-garrison.jpg  and http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/33/1376357074-props-glitch-snow-particles-1-grineer-garrison.jpg



#7 TBF: Text flicker.


1376357076-props-glitch-text-flickering-            Highlighted text can be seen flickering whenever lighted by a flash light.



#8 TBF: Weird shadow instance and terrain clipping.


1376357084-props-glitch-weird-shadow-and            Red highlight is a patch of shadow that shouldn't be there, orange highlight is some minor clipping between two patch of soil.



#9 TBF: Shifting skybox.


1376357082-skybox-glitch-shifting-sky-pa            The color of the sky when seen through that hole is not stable. It is blue or black depending on the angle. You can also see the ray of lights peeking through that have weird properties. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/33/1376357084-skybox-glitch-shifting-sky-part-2-grineer-garrison.jpg Pretty sure those are meant to be light rays, not sand or something.



#10 TBF: Access to the outside of the map.


1376357083-terrain-design-map-limit-brea            Ember got up there by wallrunning (rather easily) to the top. From there, you can see broken map edges, endless fall, and other really weird spot. I don't like invisible walls/ceilings in general, but I think this one is justified until you find a way to polish everything that can be seen up there.



#11 TBF: Broken corner.


1376357091-terrain-glitch-corner-separat            Red square highlights a corner where both walls are poorly joined together. Orange walls indicate a wall (behind Nyx) where there's a ray of light at the bottom, like if light could peek through (it shouldn't be able to AFAIK).



#12 TBF: Head clipping.


1376357095-terrain-glitch-head-clip-grin            Going through these windows can be problematic at times, either cause they're a hair too small or your head clips on the top part all the time. I think the problem is generalized to windows like that.



#13 TBF: Movement hindrance.


1376357095-terrain-glitch-movement-hindr            That little piece of red rock is just annoying, I think it would be better if it didn't block your way like it does now. Or at least make it clearly un-walkable, AFAIC it can go both ways.



#14 TBF: Wall clipping.


1376357096-terrain-glitch-wall-clipping-            A joint of the wall could be seen with two part flickering over each others. It still somewhat visible, but not as bad as when witnessing it in action.



#15 TBF: Wall clipping (spawn tile).


1376357096-terrain-glitch-wall-clipping-            Those two rock walls are merging pretty poorly together.



That's all for now. I want to apologize in advance to the devs, I try to take shots as good as possible, but times will come where I need to take a pic in a cramped hallway and where everything is very dark. The map looks great all around, but it (obviously) need polish and work. It is also pretty screenshot-unfriendly at times.  

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Hey, I won't start yet an other thread on this one, I'll post here what I found, if it's okay :)


A few glitches, a few misplaced containers. And I got a lot of black-textures. 

I don't know it's because of my settings/old graphics card, or really a bug, so I don't spam with them this thread.


#16 TBF: Map glitch


 First, jump up there.


 Than, look back. That's where we going.


 There it is.


 That's where we jumped from.


#17 TBF: Unreachable area


 Not a very good pic, I'm sorry. When I tried to go that area, I was pushed back, like I was going off the map. But on the minimap it's marked as a valid area.


#18 TBF: Misplaced container



 A bit higher than should be.


#19 TBF: Misplaced container


 The container is a bit in the wall. It's in the area where the ships landing area is.


#20 TBF: Misplaced container


 Not far from the previous one. I guess things should be submerged in sand in this tileset, but this seems a bit much.


#21 TBF: Clipping container


 Half-in the sand.


#22 TBF: Clipping container


 Minor clipping.


#23 TBF: Clipping container


 Drunken containers.


#24 TBF: Clipping container


 A bit sunken.


#25 TBF: Clipping container


 Playing hide and seek.

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I forgot to save my screenshot but, underneath the large door right before the prison/holding cells(not sure if there is more then one instance) there is a clipping issue and it might be possible to slip through. Ill try to find it again and put it up tomorrow.

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Hehe, tileset not even 24 hrs old and you are already at it ;). Granted, I'm one to talk, as I took some screenies of 'issues' myself (mostly container clipping, if I remember right): which will be uploaded eventually....

Didn't want to miss out on the fun (there's already plenty of bug reports that popped up yesterday) and I'm planning to stick around, so might as well start early.

@ Phoenix: It is. Took it upon myself to help out the devs a bit, and it added something to do through out my rounds. (Talking about my other Explorafun threads too.)

@ sxc2: Make yourself at home.

@ Tsrintox: Save as in, you used the base "print screen" function of your comp? Cause Steam let you do screenshots with F12 (very handy).

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In regards to #16: that are would be a good place to hide some crates/lockers, once the mesh there is cleaned up of course ;).


Anyway, here’s my first contribution to this thread :).


#26 TBF: Misplaced Texture


I don’t think infested texturing should be there….


#27 TBF:  Clipping container (dup of #21)


Only posting this one for the enlarged mini-map to help pin-point the location.


#28 TB looked at: missing mesh/texture?


Maybe just me, but when I saw this gap I got EQ2 vibes of a particular area in a zone that was in the catacombs of a, literally, floating castle.  I don’t think it’s level designers intention to give that impression of being on a floating rock on a planet, so I would suggest filling that area with rock texture.


#29 TBF: floating flag


Bad angle, I know, but that flag is floating….


#30 TBF: sunken containers x2



#31 TBF: disappearing wall


When facing a certain angle, that whole segment of wall just disappears.


#32 TBF: Buried container


Only reason I knew it was there was due to Thief’s Wit….


#33 TBF: zip line to no-where


Zip line ends prematurely.

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In regards to #16: that are would be a good place to hide some crates/lockers, once the mesh there is cleaned up of course ;).

Yeah, I was thinking that I found a neat secret area, than 'oops, not' :)


@Kinperor: Thanks! These threads of yours are awesome!

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Thanks Skree, it's nice to see an orange title every so often. You guys are becoming rarer in my threads! Given, so am I, but I'm finishing my summer contract this week so I should be able to make more reports soon . 


#34 TBF: Weird shadows.


1376525524-light-glitch-weird-shadow-gri            Speaks for itself.



#35 TBF: Clipping rocks.


1376525518-props-glitch-no-model-rock-gr            All (or most) of the pink rocks in this picture can be walked through.



#36 TBC: Sunken container.


1376525523-props-glitch-sunken-container            Well the container is definitely not a ground level, but I'm not sure if it's intended since it has sand around it.



#37 TBF: Minor terrain inconsistency.


1376525521-terrain-design-inconsistent-t            The square to the left highlights a piece of rock that seems cut short from the ground below it. Square to the right highlights sand that also seems cut off short.



#38 TBC: Invisible wall.


1376525522-terrain-design-invisible-wall            There's an invisible wall in the vicinity of the red square, which I find to be superfluous since the cable leads to an actual wall anyway. Make THAT block the player, not an arbitrary invisible wall.



#39 TBC: Off limit-ish stuff. (This report and the following ones highlights areas that are very close to being teleported back, devs can decide themselves if it's fine for players to go there or not. Minor stuff really.)


1376525521-terrain-design-off-limit-acce            Ember and Excal found themselves a cozy home on that pipe. Whether or not it is right or wrong I don't know. Seems kinda off-limit to me.



#40 TBC: Off limit-ish stuff 1.


1376525528-terrain-design-off-limit-acce            Ember could get under the highlighted bridge. Again, dunno if wanted. Add a teleport script or not, it's your call really.



#41 TBC: Off limit-ish 2. 


1376525533-terrain-design-off-limit-acce            Speaks for itself.



#42 TBC: Off limit-ish 3.


1376525533-terrain-design-off-limit-acce            Speaks for itself.



#43 TBC: Off limit-ish 4. (Last off limit for today)


1376525532-terrain-design-off-limit-acce            Speaks for itself.



#44 TBF: Unnatural hole.


1376525535-terrain-design-unnatural-hole            That hole there doesn't look right. Feels to me like it's giving sight to the void behind.



#45 TBF: Head clip.


1376525536-terrain-glitch-head-clip-grin            Drop kicking (sliding while jumping) toward the highlighted area will make you crouch in an over crop and make your head clip.



#46 TBF: Ray of light.


1376525536-terrain-glitch-light-ray-grin            It looks like there's some light peeking through the lower part of the wall, like it wasn't fused right with the floor... Don't give me that look, I told you poor shots were coming.



#47 TBF: Clipping mob.


1376525542-terrain-glitch-mob-clip-grine            There was a Grineer that clipped with that handrail there, but I couldn't replicate myself.



#48 TBF: Access to the void.


1376525541-terrain-glitch-outside-sight-            It's hard to see but Ember jumped across the hole and got a footing on the wall. When crouching into the wall and looking at it directly, you can see through the wall and into the void... No, I have no clue what he was doing there, don't ask me. I'm blaming acid.




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#49 TBF: Clipping terrain.


1376525543-terrain-glitch-terrain-clip-g            A metal part is clipping through the rock.



#50 TBF: Clip in pillar.


1376525548-terrain-glitch-wall-clip-grin            Ember walked into that pillar easily (and is still inside in that pic).



#51 TBF: Clipping terrain 1.


1376525548-terrain-glitch-wall-clip-1-gr            Minor clipping from a piece of rock that won't stay put.



#52 ...!: Cranked.


1376525549-terrain-glitch-wind-crank-gri            If you walk against the wind long enough, you will eventually be sent flying back, as if you cranked yourself or some such. I honestly don't know if I want it gone or not.



Tune in next time as I find a way to ride a sand skate and become best friend with it. (May or may not happen as described.) 

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I managed to get a few interesting screenshots, but the forums don't seem to like me linking to my screenshots on the steam community site.


Any help would be appreciated. For now, I can at least describe what happened.


One particular Grineer Settlement tile contains a pit that doesn't seem to properly "Reset" the player if they wander into the no-no zone. When I approached the pit, my screen faded to black, but promptly faded back in without moving me. After this, I was able to jump right on down the hole, and eventually found my way out of the map :P


edit: specified which tileset, just for clarity

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I managed to get a few interesting screenshots, but the forums don't seem to like me linking to my screenshots on the steam community site.


Any help would be appreciated. For now, I can at least describe what happened.


One particular Grineer Settlement tile contains a pit that doesn't seem to properly "Reset" the player if they wander into the no-no zone. When I approached the pit, my screen faded to black, but promptly faded back in without moving me. After this, I was able to jump right on down the hole, and eventually found my way out of the map :P


edit: specified which tileset, just for clarity


It's best to upload the screenshots to a image hosting site first (such as Tinypic, or Photobucket), instead of directly from the steam community (to find the shots on your harddrive, you can open the gallery on your steam UI and click the 'show on disk' button).  Before that, it's a good idea to edit the photos to highlight the problem areas and the shrink the screenshot down if needed (I have to because I use a 1900ishx1290 monitor).


Hope that helps.

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Perso I use a site named Noelshack for my pics. It doesn't need an account, I can upload several pics at once easily and forget about them later. The only downside I could see for you guys is that it's a french website.

As for the pictures themselves, I keep a stockpile of screenshots in the original folder where Steam puts them, then I go over them looking for shots that belongs to a same tileset, I open them one by one in Paint and save them (modified) in a new folder purpose made for that. I keep the originals in case I need a bigger (clearer) pic.

Once I get about 20 modified shots (arbitrary number), I upload them to Noelshack (or your image hoster of choice) and post them here. Once I posted the pics, I remove the modified pic into another folder where they don't clutter the incoming shots. I do the same thing with Steam's originals.

As for the posting part itself, I have a sticky post (on Windows 7) with "[spoiler.][img.][/img.] [/spoiler.]" to abuse ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Space is included to make sure text won't stick to the picture most of the time. The rest is pretty straight forward, put a number/title, stick the URL of your image inbetween the codes you pasted first. Rinse and repeat.

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I managed to get a few interesting screenshots, but the forums don't seem to like me linking to my screenshots on the steam community site.


Any help would be appreciated. For now, I can at least describe what happened.


One particular Grineer Settlement tile contains a pit that doesn't seem to properly "Reset" the player if they wander into the no-no zone. When I approached the pit, my screen faded to black, but promptly faded back in without moving me. After this, I was able to jump right on down the hole, and eventually found my way out of the map :P


edit: specified which tileset, just for clarity

Hiyas, if you do manage to get a pic of this bad pit be sure to post it so we can investigate! :)



I like the thorough nature of your posts. Some really good work here.

A lot of definite bugs to be found in the pics submitted, please keep em coming for sure.

Also some are merely by design.


re: "off limits areas"

Not really bugs unless the players can either A. Not get out (stuck) or B. See or travel outside the world

We promote exploration as long as it is safe and does not lead outside the geometry.


re: "clipping"

The word is used alot here but seems to be employed for both mesh clipping bugs and collision bugs. When looking over bugs people post in the forums if we see things involving collision we often act on those first.

Player collision issues can sometimes be A or B bugs where art clipping issues are usually only C)

Collision as in, player to environment (things you can or cannot travel through such as invisible walls or meshes missing collision for some reason)


re: strong wind

Ideally the player should never simply hit an invisible wall, although we do use this sometimes it is not the favored way to keep people inside the map, so sometimes we'll insulate the barrier with wind or teleport volumes.

While the strong wind in that open map is indeed by design rather than a bug, it may receive some tuning moving forward.


Seeing cracks of light/sky through meshes such as cliffs etc is indeed usually a C (minor) bug.


Enemy meshes poking through things is technically only a C bug, but if the enemies can either get stuck or shoot *through* solid objects from that location, that would be a higher priority bug. (We dont want badguys cheating and being able to see us through walls etc)


Just some observations as I looked through your list :) Keep it up

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Great, feedback on feedback! I want to help you guys as much as possible but sometimes I'm just not sure whether something is worth reporting or should be reported with more details...


About off limits: Ok, I'll just forget those. I was just on the fence when I saw the spots we could reach which just kinda existed.


About "clipping": So if I get it right, mesh clipping is about characters clipping together (or with props) and collision bugs are about characters going through stuff they shouldn't be able to go through? I didn't know there was a distinction honestly.


About strong wind: They're completely acceptable IMO, more interesting than invisible walls at any rate. I was just high lighting that it was possible to throw your character by using the wind about 20 meters away. 


Otherwise, message gotten. I try to report even minor bugs when I come across them, because details matters when you want a nice and tight map. 


Finally, I want to point out that it's not just me (OP) that brings out some quality reports, there is an handful of individuals (in and outside) this thread that does it as well (but you're probably already well aware of that). Maybe I happen to make more reports, but that doesn't really matter, it's a team effort. (Until you include bounties on bugs I mean. If you do that, don't forget me!) 


Now go poke the other designers so that they give feedback too if they have comments about the reports I submit! 

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#53 TBF: Falling through floor on defence map - two identical locations opposite eachother.


Noticed these "gaps" as my character kept rolling when she ran across them


This one has terrain under it so you merely sink into the floor.



This one makes you fall down to the level below.


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  • 2 months later...

A couple of stuff:


#54 TBF: False vertical wall flag.


1384568913-false-vertical-wall-flag-grin            Troopers will stand upright when taking cover behind this knee-high handrail. Sorry for the bad shot.



#55 TBF: Flickering texture. 


1384568912-terrain-glitch-texture-flicke            It's hard to see in this shot, but the sand in the highlighted portion was flickering.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got some stuff!


#56 TBF: Buried container


Though I had Thief’s Wit on, I didn’t really notice this was there until I used my codex scanner (which is quite useful for finding enemy positions if you don’t have enemy radar equipped XD).


#57 TBF: Mesh gap


Basically, you can see the ‘sky’ though there.


#58 TBF: Odd Shadows


Both these crates seem to be missing lighting.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Couple details I noticed:


#59 TBF: Clipping container. 


1386446844-props-glitch-clipping-contain            It's hard to see, but a container is there and it clips with the yellow thing.



#60 TBF: Texture flicker.


1386446852-terrain-glitch-texture-flicke            Around there, there's some meshes that are fighting together.



#61 TBF: Wall seams.


1386446851-terrain-glitch-wall-seams-gri            For some reasons, these lines only appear around where my Loki is standing. Not sure what is causing them.



#62 TBF: Wallrun hindrance.


1386446850-terrain-glitch-wallrun-hindra            The highlighted wall doesn't let me wallrun all the way to the top and stops me midway.



#63 TBF: Various issues:


1386446851-terrain-props-glitch-various-            The lowest square highlights a spot where two rock meshes are clipping. The middle square highlights a container sunk in the rock, and the arrow points to a spot where we can wall run vertically and get out of the map, which definitely need an invisible ceiling.

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I have a bit for you today:


#64 TBF: False Vertical Flag


No, Grinner…non-existent wall is not going to protect you from me shooting you in the back.


#65 TBF: Floating Rock


Rock, you are not on Pandora.


#66 TBF: Sign duplication




#67 TBF: Odd Shadow


Both the ‘wall run marker’ and the two crates on the ledge above it are lacking lighting.


#68 TBF: Odd Shadow 2


Should be obvious


#69 TBF: Sunken Container



#70 TBF: Texture mismatch/clipping?


At first I thought it was a hole in the mesh, but when I got closer I saw it was a differently textured rock that sticks out like a sore thumb here.

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  • 1 month later...

Had a go at Phobos today, here's some stuff that needs fixing: 


#71 TBF: Weird shadows.



           Speaks for itself.




#72 TBF: Weird shadows 1.



           Speaks for itself. Pretty sure the container is clipping as well.




#73 TBF: Weird shadows 2.



           Half of the text on the metal is not lit properly.




#74 TBF: Various container issue at extraction.



           Speaks for itself. I'm not sure about the one in the orange square, it looks to me as there's a lighting issue. I've seen instances of sinking explosive barrels as well at the location of the rightmost red square.




#75 TBF: Various container issues.



           One of the containers on the left (red square) didn't have the proper "dusty" texture prior to being broken. The problem of the rightmost container is obvious.




#76 TBF: Improper container texture.



           The highlighted container doesn't spawn with the proper dirty texture.




#77 TBF: Access off the map.



           Climbing the collumn highlighted by the maroon arrow will bring you to a small room with an open sky, and it's possible to wallrun up and outside the map from there.




#78 TBF: Clipping door.



           The side consoles of that door clips with the walls on each side. Sorry for the blur, it was a bad moment to activate invisibility.




#79 TBF: Several texture hole.



           Speaks for itself.




#80 TBF: Texture hole?



           Not sure what that spot of light is, actually. Looks to me like a hole in the wall.




#81 TBF: Texture hole and collision box issue.



           Speaks for itself for the red square. Orange square highlights an invisible box which can be grabbed and climbed on, but stop being physical once we're on it. Sounds to me the collision box of that rock needs to be adjusted.




#82 TBF: Texture seams and light glitch.



           The red square speaks for itself. The lower orange square highlights a seam in the ground's textures. The higher orange square highlights a columns where seams can be seen when back away from it, from the location where my Nekros currently is. Not quite sure what's happening there, but it's happening.




That's all for now. 

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Reports are coming. 


#83 TBF: AI derping.



           Unit is stuck in the crack. It's not the only time I've seen this happen.




#84 TBF: False vertical flag.



           Speaks for itself.




#85 TBF: Odd light.



           Speaks for itself.




#86 TBF: Collision box issue.



           Speaks for itself.




#87 TBF: Collision box issue 1. 



           Speaks for itself.




#88 TBF: Collision box issue and hole to the void.



           Red square speaks for itself. Orange square highlights a hole through the map.




#89 TBF: Floating sand.



           Speaks for itself.




#90 TBF: Hole through the map.



           Speaks for itself.




#91 TBF: Hole through the map 1.



           It's hard to see, but when you are closer to the metal wall, you can see a pretty large hole through the map, I took a step back for perspective.




#92 TBF: Mob trap.



           Speaks for itself.




#93 TBF: Texture seams and stupidity-inducing terrain.



           Red square highlights a columns which has been observed to develop large-ish seams when far enough (it's somewhat visible at that distance, especially in the bottom left of the column). The orange arrow indicates a spot where the AI can fall in a crack and stay stuck there. There was that butcher who fell there, it was plain un-adulterated hilarity to see him run toward me when he's trapped in a waist-high hole.




# 94 TBF: Texture seams 1.



           The highlighted box has a similar issue to the columns mentioned above. Only occurs at a certain distance, which would be a bit behind the current location of my Nekros.



Have a great one. 


EDIT: Video special:


# 95 TBF: '>AI looping:



Observes the Lancer slightly above my crosshair. Every day is a struggle for this Grineer.                                          



#96 TBF:



Observe the Butcher to the right of my crosshair. Now, play "Gangnam Style" in background. Yes.

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  • 3 months later...

#97 TBF: Stupidity inducing wall.



           I've seen several units try to run through this wall, including Grineer. Maybe like, make a no-fly zone or something, because units face-walling like that is kinda weird.



#98 TBF: False vertical flag.



           Saw a Grineer stand up behind this knee-high cover.



#99 TBF: Sunken containers.



           Speaks for itself. The locker to the right isn't as bad as the container to the left.



#100 TBF: Weird shadow.



           This had been in the game for a while now, I find it kind weird how the shuttle is pitchblack all the time. It's not like the sun is behind it either.



#101 TBC: Pace breaking elevator.



           This elevator annoys the tar out of me. It's never in a position where you can just fluidly pass through. If it was set to be at the bottom instead of the top, you would be able to jump down when you come from the upper part and to get right on it when you come from the bottom.



#102 TBF: Door clipping with wall.



           Speaks for itself.



#103 TBF: Floating pipe end.



           Speaks for itself.



#104 TBF: Hole in the wall.



           Speaks for itself.



#105 TBF: Hole in the wall.



           Speaks for itself.

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Couple more report;


#106 TBF: Two collision box issues, one lighting issue. 



           Red rectangle's issue: Some invisible object blocks the access to this locker. Grey rectangle's issue: Excal's leg is sinking ever so slightly into the ground. Black rectangle's issue: Lighting there seems borked up.


#107 TBF: Sunken container.



           Speaks for itself. Tile is a three-door large-ish area with a small ravine in the middle. You need to do some parkour to reach the picture's area.



#108 TBF: Sunken container 1.



           Speaks for itself.





Note to designers: I've taken a short break recently because I was discussing with a designer about a new format for the Explorafun bug reports. Still waiting on answer so I'm assuming statu quo for the time being. If this happens to tickle your interest, you can PM me for more information. 

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