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Recruiting: Ogame Lotus Clan


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Ya still have space dude? Looking for a nice small clan to join in the beginning, so I may contribute while it grows, thus being a major part of it, in a way. Beats joining a clan that has everything already lol. Anyway, ign ingame is the same as here, although my hours limit my playtime during the day(in Eastern Time) I am active a lot at nighttime. However, the only slight issue(maybe) is I'm not actually high leveled or geared with great mods or stuff like that, yet. So, it'd kinda be taking me in and helping me at first, but soon I'll get enough experience to farm myself, for others in the clan.


tl;dr: I'm interested. Contact me through either pm or ingame friend req tomorrow pls, late for me, gtg sleep soon, and these forums are too active, this might go way down the list by next time I see it.

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