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Psa For Future Events


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The time duration shown for the event is not the duration of the event.

It is the time limit we have to finish the event ourselves by completing the objective.

No one promised you an event that would last 6 days
The event did not finish "early". We the community completed our objective with time to spare. 
I don't know why this such a difficult concept for large chunks of the community to grasp, but hopefully the lesson has been learned.
We had all of the same QQing after Sling-Stone and it was every bit as unconstructive. 
And as for the mods being event-exclusive, I don't know, it seems unlikely. They'll probably be added to either the nightmare or void mod-drop tables.
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i like your PSA.

And you know exactly why people still complain about it. Entitlement. 

Worst off, because the community knows DE actually take feedback and do stuff with it, people here take advantage of it. Instead of appreciating their efforts, they think they now have a larger platform to whine and complain.

Im not saying that feedback or complaints are always bad. some times they are necessary, but there are so much selfish complaints, it's hard not to get annoyed by it. they're the ones that are like "i didnt get A and B got it, so unfair, you suck". legit complaints would be actual game balance discussions, not because you have to work on the weekend. WTF do you want DE to do about your work schedule.... seriously people. 

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Or just don't try to get it all done at the last minute.

This I love peoples tears when they complain about not getting items because they did the event at the last minute because they couldn't fit one or two hours of playing with teams to get 100 points.


Seriously it was 4 - 5 points a run which means you only had to do 50 runs, 50 you could rush and no one would care.

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