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Multiple Missing Textures In Grineer Settlement


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It looks absolutely amazing, but I am noticing a lot of missing textures around the map. There are several boxes that are half textured and half pure black, as well as holes in the sky and other scenic objects that are partially textureless. Some examples:


http://i315.photobucket.com/albums/ll452/Aramet/2013-08-12_00004_zps214becbb.jpg - At certain angles, the sky viewed from this tunnel will turn black.


http://i315.photobucket.com/albums/ll452/Aramet/2013-08-12_00003_zps77556107.jpg - Just outside the tunnel in the last picture, when you look up at the sky and move around, this black triangle changes size or disappears depending on where you stand.


http://i315.photobucket.com/albums/ll452/Aramet/2013-08-12_00005_zps499287e5.jpg - In this tunnel, which is connected to a massive outside area, where the floor gives way to a very long drop, the rock in the gap is partially black.

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Do any of them run on low-ish graphics settings? I've been seeing a lot of these black textures show up lately because I don't have certain settings enabled due to FPS issues.

Running it on lower settings could cause problems. It appears that the Grineer Settlement is not totally finished and needs polish. That being said, if you use lower texture memory then you will probably have texture problems. If you can, try running higher texture memory. If you already have it on high texture memory or still get the same problem then I am not sure what it is as texture memory is the only thing that makes sense right off.

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