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I'm A Good Host But Everyone Else Isn't


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So I've noticed that when I host games, no one has a problem lagging, which is awesome. I ask if anyone is lagging towards the end of a mission and it's almost always 'no.' However, I'm usually not the host.

When anyone else is the host, the lag is incredible. To the point where I can just run around or stand still and shoot enemies without taking damage because the enemies don't move. Allies usually don't move either but I can watch them fight in a random corner with themselves and then warp off to where ever the are. Half the time it seems like I'm 20 seconds behind everyone along with the 'no moving' lag. Even if I do the sliding sprint from start to finish I'm still behind everyone as they warp around the map. 

I did a T3 void mission and took 0% damage while standing in front of enemies and shooting their faces. Seems awesome but it really isn't that fun.

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I opened this thread expecting to see a sob story about how you always try your best, and everyone else sucks.


I was pleasantly surprised to see an actual well thought out post with an actual problem.


Speaking of the problem. I would suggest checking what area you're in on the menu? Could just be bad luck, and you're being matched with people from Antarctica. That or change the ports, again via options menu. Otherwise, check for a strict NAT problem, which I fixed by checking the ports. It sounds like your problem is mostly stemming from something inside the computer, not inside the router.

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Yeah I'm in the right area, NA East Coast. I'll go through and check that other stuff when I get a chance, thanks. 

Alright so I went and changed the ports a few times and no dice, still lags hard.

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