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Idea For A Redesigned Raptor Boss Fight.


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So this is my idea for a more cinematic Raptor boss, with the boss battle being in phases. I was thinking there would be three phases, with each phase having a section leading up to it that details the Raptors new attack in the phase. Also Raptor 'gains' it's attacks each phase instead of having them all at the start. The justification for this is that it sees your threat level as pathetic at first, but it starts to see otherwise after each phase. Also I will be adding in a second new attack for the second phase.



Before getting to the first battle area you will have to cross a bridge, and stepping on the bridge triggers a cutscene. The Raptor flies by the bridge, startling the Tenno on it. As it makes a second fly by it starts shooting lasers, and the Tenno hide behind some random cover. The Raptor completes it's fly by and veers off, ending the cutscene.


Now the objective here is to cross the bridge, which is fairly simple. However at the end of the bridge is a locked door that requires five switches located on the bridge to be activated. While you attempt to do this the Raptor will be flying around, harassing you with lasers. It is invincible during this time, so shooting it will achieve nothing, you just have to flip the switches and go.


Once you do that you enter the battle area, which will probably just be some big open space. The Raptor will fly around the area like normal and attack you with lasers. There will be some Corpus troops lying around to attack you as well. Here you can attack the Raptor and actually damage it. Once it's health reaches a certain point (maybe if it loses 25% health it moves on to the next phase?) it will fly off, sending you a taunt along the way.


After going through a few more rooms you will come across another bridge, same as the first. The cutscene begins with the Raptor quickly flying above the Tenno and dropping an explosive, which they will dodge. The Raptor will fly to the end of the bridge in a swerving path, dropping bombs that blow holes in the bridge. Once it reaches the end it will unlatch some hatches from the top of its wings, which some Ospreys emerge from. This is its new attack (or at least I think its new.)


For this section you must do the same thing you did for the first bridge, but now there will be Ospreys attacking you, along with the Raptor dropping explosives. Not too much variety here. Also the next battle area explanations won't have much detail, sorry.


In the next battle area the Raptor will begin by dropping more explosives and unleashing some more Ospreys. The Raptor will also use it's lasers to attack as well. Once you've shaved a certain amount of health off it flies away.


The next bridge area will have the bridge located in a big cavern type area. The Raptor will fly in and unleash a missile barrage, destroying most of the bridge and the surrounding cavern floor. This will be a parkour section, having you jump from platform to platform, running up and along walls trying to just reach the end while the Raptor shoots missiles at you. The missiles will be fairly slow moving but have better homing than the ones he will use in the ensuing boss fight.


The battle area this time is just one big metal platform (think about the outer Corpus extractions points, only much much bigger.) with metal containers and things for cover. The Raptor will use all attacks in this phase, and will gain a small shield increase. Once it's health reaches zero it will swerve out of control and crash into the middle of the platform, and explodes seconds after.

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