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Warframe Concept: Meeyas: Woman of the Wily Mists

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Watch the mists. There's something in there. Something unseen. Even at its most transparent, we can't see it. If ghosts exist, then we brought about the anger of one. oR, at least, YOU did. I did say I didn't want to come here.

-An Ostron captive guiding Grineer through a murky swamp

Concept: Made with the sole purpose of assassination and redirecting the fault to others around, Meeyas lurks about in mists and fog, always waiting and analyzing every fault she can find in her target's defenses and behavior. It is said that all things mist are her doing on Earth, as its natural state had long since been destroyed.

Appearance: Meeyas has a lanky body with long arms and spindly fingers, and her face is an assymetrical design, with the left of her face and chin being decorated by several, cone-like protrusions. The right of her face has three, vertical bars, the left-most being diagonal and pointed to the right. This bar lets out a constant, faint trail of mist. Attached to the middle of her back and her elbows are several long, transparent and colorless cloths that always slowly float and bend in the air.

Idle animation: Meeyas stops moving, and her body starts to fade away as though she were nothing but a mirage or projection on the droplets of water floating in the air.


Health: 300 /500 max rank

Shields: 200 / 450 max rank

Energy 100/ 220

Armor: 80

Speed: 1.30


Passive: Questionable Existence: Meeyas is always creating some form of mist around her, lowering her visibility and, thus, threat by twenty percent. Enemies are likely to focus on allies instead of Meeyas, but they have a 20% chance of missing both her and allies in a 4 meter range of her. Melee is also affected.

First Ability: Rib Space: Meeyas attacks 1/2/3/4 enemy/ies by teleporting in front of them and stabbing them with a poisoned blade for 300/400/500/550 instant damage. They get the toxic debuff for five seconds, and if they die from either the attack or the poison, a five/six meter mist emanates from them and has a 5% chance for every second an enemy is in it to be poisoned. They also get a 30% debuff to their accuracy while in the mist. (40 energy)

Second Ability: Induced Amnesia: Meeyas' body seemingly 'explodes' into a fog that induces short-term amnesia to the enemies nearby. They forget that the Warframes were there and resume their tasks. The amnesia is created by a 5/6/7/8 meter fog and will keep the enemy unaware of attacks directed at them for 3 seconds. Enemies not in the cloud will think that Meeyas has died and will shoot her allies instead, allowing her to perform a sneak attack. (50 energy)

Third Ability: Blackmail: Meeyas throws darts at 4/6/8/12 enemies for 50/75/85/100 damage, causing various status ailments that spread to nearby enemies. Any deaths creates a sudden expansion of mist in an instantly dissipating cloud of 2 meters that spreads the ailments to enemies next to the one killed.(75 energy)

Fourth Ability: Plan Execution Meeyas erupts into a mobile fog, dropping accuracy of enemies in it by 40% and the chance of hitting allied tenno within by 30%. Meeyas will backstab 8/12/14/17 enemies at the same time for 400/500/600/680 damage each and causing the bleeding ailment. She attacks all enemies in this manner once ever three seconds they're in the cloud. (50 energy to activate, and -4 every second while it's active).


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17 minutes ago, (PS4)Ghost--00-- said:

That passive is 10/10 tho

Got a few more ideas, but I feel the need to design the Kankritos quest.

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