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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4


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Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4


  • Removed unnecessary ragdoll from all the Eidolon variants, as it was only causing issues when attempting to kill it with knockdown weapons as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8boimy/dont_let_ivara_deal_killing_blow_to_eidalon_with/
  • Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster and no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms. 
  • Improved performance of a few “laser beam” effects (including security cameras, Mirage's Blinding Disco Ball of Pain beams, trip lasers, etc). 
  • Kuva Guardians will now play their disarming animation properly, instead of having their Twin Rogga’s magically pop into their hands.


  • Fixed missing Shoulder Armor in the TennoGen Banshee Sonority Skin.
    • We’re working on a script to give the respective Shoulder Armor to those who purchased the TennoGen Skin. We will update you here when it is running/complete. Script has been run and has completed! Please relog if you purchased the Banshee Sonority Skin pre-Hotfix.
  • Fixed some cases of being unable to play Warframe if you customized your controller bindings within the past week due to broken bindings.
  • More fixes toward cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
  • Fixed remaining players after a Host migration while in the tunnel to Cetus not having the proper Bounty and will result in a crash if they complete their objective.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows not exploding if you have negative Range Mods and activate the Ability enough.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows unintentionally triggering on allies.
  • Fixed potentially running past Teshin’s transmission trigger in The War Within quest due to layout changes.
  • Fixed Nezha getting stuck in ‘Power In Use’ if downed while throwing Blazing Chakram.
  • Fixed Smeeta’s Charm cooldown being removed if you were to Revive or be Revived.
  • Fixed Pets losing loyalty when transitioning from Plains to Cetus because they are presumed 'dead' during the transition.
  • Fixed names for controller button bindings in the Placement tab for decoration placement being inconsistent with the name of the buttons actually used.
  • Fixed missing controller button icons in Decoration mode.
  • Fixed flickering glass tube in Kuva Fortress trophy room tile. 

Conclave Fixes:
Fixed a crash in Conclave if you loaded into a game with an empty weapon loadout.

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We really need a fix for the teleporting eidolons during hunts - really takes away time having to move halfway across the map and a bigger insult having it respawn with full shields


And to clarify, this is with charged lures attached during the course of the fight

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Kuva Survival:

- When are we getting scaling?

- Guards sometime spawn way off from the tower (needs fix)

New Game Mode:

- Can we get the new game mode at least in 8 player? or the old trials back ;)

- What are the rewards except for those awful peculiar mods you showed? Or is that it ? and its DOA..


- Eidolons still randomly teleport away!

New Augments:

Every Augment except for Ivaras should not be an Augment but an actual way the ability works from the get go (Nezha's ring especially)


Any fix for the 45 fps drop a lot of ppl are experiencing?




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Finally, A SINGLE fix for eidolons, now to get the rest eh?


Also lets get a Dev Workshop for raids ASAP, I don't care how long you guys plan to twiddle your thumbs with the concept the raid community in general DESERVES to be able to get feedback on a new vision that's not offered 1 week before its release.

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