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Mod Selection Ui, Missing Mods


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Mod Selection UI, Missing Mods


Missing most important class specific mods which are to the left



Attachment below showing larger resolution 1920x1200 reduces the problem, capable of seeing MORE mods.



Attachment below showing smaller resolution 1280x960 increases the problem, capable of seeing LESS mods.



ALSO, as mod collection increases, it becomes difficult to find ONE mod in 100 page of mods.




Thanks for the great game, I hope we have contributed as free game testers.

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u have too many mods. take note that the "first" and "last" page buttons do not work, and have not since the inception and release of this TYPE of UI in warframe.


that being said, sell some or fuse them or transmute or whatever them. u have too many pages and when any number runs off the screen, u no longer have access to the mods on that page.


i've been worrying about this since i'm pretty close to the edge with mine, but i always offload a handful in groups so that i have "steps" in my mods.

for example, serration. i have one max rank on my rifle.. i also have one at like rank 2, 4, 6, etc up to a certain point where it becomes unnecessary to have because it's cost outweighs the benefit.

e.g. ranks 2, 4, and 6 serration, possibly 8, and a max rank. if i need anything higher than rank 6, it might as well be max ranked.


i do the same with redirection and vitality, and flow, and stretch, and focus, multishot, hornet strike.. most of the mods i'd use often, tbh.

this helps keep me from A) having mods i can't use, like your case.

and B) if i'm in the middle of lvl'ing something, i have a mod that will work for it and don't have to "lose" something to fit one, or make a sacrifice by being forced to use a low rank when i have enough pts for something better.


just a suggestion, but u could try the same. -dump some of ur redirections and make a rank 2, 4, and 6 in the offcase ur using a mid lvl frame and need shields, but not enough pts for a rank 10 - or whatever the case may be.

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Clearly the UI doesn't fit what can be achieved in the game, i.e. bad UI.

Many ways to make it actually work while leaving the basic layout intact, such as:


1) Drop the "pages" and add a horizontal scroll-bar, since almost everywhere (market, mod screen, etc.) were pages replaced by more useful scroll-bar.


2) Stack mods of same name and ranking and thus effectively lowering the amount of displayed mods in the "compatible mods" bar.

There is also more advanced version of this suggestion somewhere on the forum, which adds addition popup with vertical scroll bar, which appears after you select a mod in the compatible mods bar and then you select the one with rank you want.


Right now, there is basically no reason to show 50x Ammo Drums on rank 1 in the compatible mod bar, because we can't use them for fusion, anything at this place.

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