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List Of All Of The Iliad Mission Bugs


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I've run through Iliad over 30 times trying for all of the Miter parts (so far haven't found the Blade. loot tables still terrible.), and these issues have happened to me on a constant basis:

-Screen goes black or dims when you encounter them
-Nova's 4th ability and/or the Acrid can make Kril invincible and it only fixes itself if the host leaves the server*
-Vor randomly disappears
-The mission is declared a success before Kril or Vor are defeated
-Kril and Vor spaz out on their intro
-Kril gets inside that giant sphere and can shoot you through it
-waypoint glitches and you have to wander around until you find the boss

Here's picture of the dimming:


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are you sure its only nova's 4th ability that makes him glitch god mode? I mean yea i was playing nova when he glitched but are you postive thats the only reason why?

No idea but that seems to be the common factor. Everytime he's glitched it was due to him being hit by that Nova ability when I was playing.

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Can definitely say I've experienced all these bugs also.


The Nova one with her molecular prime being the cause....I have not paid attention to that but with so many Nova's running around..it's quite possible. With that said...I'm fairly certain I've rushed there first before as Volt and Krel's backpack was already invulnerable or Kril disappeared permanently.

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I only ran Iliad 3 times, but I've seen almost all of those bugs.

I've never had problems with Molecular Prime on Kril. Acrid, though, can bug Kril to be invulnerable. For me, it's only been during the backpack stages (after he burns his health will go down), but others seem to say he goes full invincible at times.


can we have one

just ONE


update that isn't rushed and filled with S#&$ like this? how hard would that be to accomplish?

Very. DE is really small compared to lots of other teams, and the community is huge and demanding. I'm sure they try their best to find everything, but the fact is that we're the best playtesters they have.


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Kril's invincible bug happens even with no Nova present and with no Acrid used. This bug has occured on those in my clan with no discernable pattern present. Those that state otherwise above are mistaken. My guess is this is the same bug that has plagued Kril on his home stage for a long time


Also noted the Vor thing with him wandering off can sometimes happen because he is teleporting to near any player that is not in the boss room.

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I have got that dim at least twice now, but I also have got complete black screen where I can't do anything in terms of playing the game. I can type in the chatbox, however I don't know if anyone can see it as nobody ever responds. I keep hearing enemy grunts and vor shouting all the time. This happens only when starting boss fight. The only solution is to abort mission as I can't do anything, trying to shoot does nothing. 

PLease fix this bs now, if I only had the last piece of miter I would never have to do this bugfilled map ever again.

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The last two runs apparetly had Miter drops other than the BP and the handle. Only problem is that for me it showed up as "miter****" And nothing showed up on the rewards screen. I asked the other players and one said he got a blade drop.

had this lots of times today , shame its only the blade i need , but sux that its dropping for ppl in the party and not me

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I have experienced everything in the first post except the black screen (which someone who joined my game experienced).


Vor doesn't really disappear, what happens is that he teleports to the nearest Desert Skate's that haven't been killed on your way to the boss tile. It has happened to me every run while doing a solo rush.


Just found him 5 tiles away from the original boss tile fighting a single Skate


(Initially when Vor disappeared for me he reappeared in the room above where he normally spawns where there is a zip line. After that he was just spawning all over the place in subsequent games.)

^- I decided to follow the above quoted advice. At first I got frustrated because I couldn't find him so after a while I gave up, then a bit later on I decided to try look for him again because I hate aborting every 3-4 missions. I searched every nook and cranny and finally I heard his damn voice but couldn't locate him till I used null star and there he was on the ceiling and even spawning soldiers into the ceiling.


Here is a picture:




PS - on my end blades weren't the problem but the handle was. 20 minutes after I posted this I ended up getting it.

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