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How To Fix Low Level Players Losing Boss Loot From High Level Rushers


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Most people tag a boss' loot, and even nicer ones actually wait or guide lower level players to the boss, when not using solo/private matches to farm bosses on Assassination missions. But as the player base grows and more items with crafting demands are added, even more seem to frequently rush to the boss and then head to the exit, leaving many players (inexperienced or otherwise) frustrated in their attempts to get much needed drops.


Rather than go "lol just solo bosses for drop nub", since this is a co-op game (ideally), I thought I'd suggest an idea to help address this problem.


The 9.5 changes to Thief's Wit show that in-game it is possible to provide a minimap marker and some rather impressive X-Ray vision and glowing effects to drops, though it currently requires the player to have the mod added to their frame, and restricts this display to themselves within a certain number of feet. Regardless, the coding is there to make this happen.


Would it not then be possible to add the visual effects of the Thief's Wit Mod to boss-only drops at a high distance, both on the minimap and in the player's field of view for all players? This would let slower players find the location of the drop if the boss has been killed before they had a chance to reach it, without anyone needing to have Thief's Wit equipped.


I assume this would require little effort (hopefully) on the part of the coders, and would help solve a problem from toxic players that might discourage new players and keep them from becoming long-term invested (and paying) customers.

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