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Component "exchange" System?


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Hey again dev team! Loved the work you guys did on the Grineer Settlements and content, awesome job everyone!


Some friends and I were talking and brought up at how much excess components we have (bajillion nano spores!) and how trading would be awesome. But of course being able to player-to-player trade is really risky and sort of defeats the purpose of the game in a way.


So instead of a straight up Trade system, what if there was some kind of a "Exchange" system in game? Maybe some rogue Corpus merchants if you want to fit lore into it. And we would be able to exchange components for other components?




You can trade in 5,000 Alloy Plate and recieve 1 Orokin Cell.

You can trade 10,000 Nano Spores and recieve 1000 Salvage.


Something on the lines of that?


It's just a suggestion!


That way, it's a sort of risk free method of allowing players to "trade" their extra components for ones they need. All that farming for materials and getting tons of Nano Spores will at least be building towards being able to exchange them for something else you might want!


With what ever you come out with, I'm sure it will blow us all away, everything you have done so far already has!


Thanks again for your time and reading!


-Founder Deepsixeden

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I do agree with this heavily.


Coming from someone with 200K Nano Spores, this would make me burst into tears.


Though, I have to add in that since these materials are already being sold for cash currency (Platinum) the players who have already made a purchase with that currency toward one of the following materials would be pretty upset to find that there 500K Nano Spores could have done the same thing.


Saw your post on ZyloWolfzan's thread, and thought I'd throw my 10 cents here as well.

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