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Real U9+ Patch Notes


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~Each Misison only gives 2-4 possible mods set to that mission


~Exp nerf on most mission types especially those that are popular as to force you into playing not so popular missions rather then making them better or equal to popular maps


~More exp nerf, you liked leveling mods? lol have fun with your billions of elemental mods and sentinel mods


~Fusion cores now added as rare treasures from defense rewards or plat!


~Increased mod/mat drop rates

~~Lol jk here is loot table 2.0, you may start to cry now


~More nano spores!!!! EVERYONE LOVES NANO SPORES!!!! WHO NEEDS THEN IN 100-300?? NOW IMPROVES 300-600!!!!


~new fancy saw gun!!!

~~that has drop rates to push you to buy with plat out of (convenience) 

~~~seriously easily 90% of the time Vor drops bp and krill drops barrel

~~~~oh and thats if we allow you to kill krill


~New area!! main mat is rubedo! oh boy!! cuz rudedo.....rudedo..... why rubedo?????????????







anyhoo you guys notice anything else? im curious as too see what else is up


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Loot tables are getting fixed. Check the forums, DE knows there is an issue with the core drop rates. Or any other drop rate for that matter....

they tweek it every week or so and conveniently their is always something wrong xD


in the words or Malcolm X, to tell a man who is sitting on a hot stove to wait for things to be fixed will not lessen that mans urge to get off the stove any less.


wish i could remember what interview that was from so i could quote it more acurately 


long story short Mr.X was gunned down by multiple white men who didnt agree with peace loving black muslims 

its somewhere in here 

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just do what I'm doing.


Don't play until they fix it.




There are literally thousands upon thousands of good games you can play while DE gets its act together after what I can only describe as the biggest clusterfuc* they've done since open beta started.

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Vor + Lech Kril is the most broken thing I've ever seen.

- Their intro shows them on drugs.

- The boss arena is a complete clusterf*.

- Something dies at the begginning (Lotus suddenly: he won't be bothering us anymore)

- Lech Kril unkillable 50% of the time.

- (Intentionally?) Broken drop rates.

- Loooooooooooong run before boss encounter.

- You can leave the mission without completing the objective.

Well, good job DE. Good job.

Edited by Krotalon
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It's amazing no one has yet invented a script/algorithm/bot that goes through forum posts and auto-deletes threads based on excessive punctuation, poor grammar, excessive capitalization or too many consecutive uses of the same letter.

Anyway, a very brief search yields this:


Do some light searching/reading next time before heading to GD to start a ridiculous, if not repetitive, thread.

All the best...

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