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Sobek Feedback


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After using the Sobek since its release date, I'd like to share my thoughts on the weapon.


The good

- Good DPS against all factions (Including heavies)

- Seems fairly balanced (Perhaps a bit over the top on damage per shot, but is limited by ammo and reload speed)

- Fun to use. I personally love opening a door and dumping 30 shells into a crowd of mindless drones. Feels pretty bad &#! to use over all. Also has a nice sound to help make the weapon feel exactly how it should



The bad

- Feels exactly like any other slow firing automatic weapon. I had seen an idea come up shortly after the Sobek was released that I really liked. Basically, stagger the shots a bit in a two fire burst pattern. This would just help make the double barrel make more sense and feel a bit better IMO

- Needs its own reload animation. I was really hoping to see this with the other individual animations in U9. I'm sure this is in progress however and don't have much else to say on it

- Creates and absolute hell of numbers on your screen when fully modded. The numbers are fun to see, and useful for tracking your stats, but it gets to the point where I can't even see the enemy I'm aiming at sometimes. This problem does affect other weapons though as well and I would like to see an option for toning these back a bit


Over all I like the Sobek as a weapon and feel that its only real problems are visual. I will agree that it may outclass other shotguns a bit however, and could use a slight nerf to its damage. 

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