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Changes, You Need Some Experience To Suggest Them


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Now from the title, I imagine a lot of people will come into this thread somewhat angered and with their rage engines running hot, just ready to tell me how wrong I am. But let's cool down a bit. Let's read the post entirely and make sure we understand what we are reading before we decide we don't like it. 


Now that we're all relaxed and open minded (Hopefully) let's get to the actual post. 


After taking a brief look through the Warframe forums, as I do most nights before bed, I come across the typical forum posts involving titles something along the lines of "I don't like thing, change it this way". Now titles like this may be justified at times when backed with proper reasoning, evidence, and some deep thought put to the topic, however, they are often filled with content such as "Saw thing I did (or did not) like, Nerf/Buff immediately". (I am not going to link specific posts in an attempt to avoid offending anyone, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) 


All I ask is that before making a Nerf/Buff post you take the time to be sure you really know what you are talking about. There are plenty of threads out there that are very well done and you can tell a lot of thought went into them before they actually made the posting. Before you hit that enter key, be sure you have tried every possible combination, set-up, gear-set, etc. before hand. Because often times people will be posting about a problem that is already balanced, they just had not experimented enough to find that out for themselves. 


An example of this would be the all too popular "Nerf Nova Plz" threads that are so common at this time. Often times these threads are started by people who 

A)Do not own Nova

B)Have not experimented with the content they are posting about

C)Have only seen the problem they are discussing once or twice 

(Or a combination of these things)


Now I understand some things can look incredibly Strong or Weak at a glance and it can be very hard not to fall into this trap. But please try your hardest to avoid instantly making a suggestion, because often times you are not informed enough to do so. 


My hope for this post is that it will be read and my message understood clearly as an effort to help make the Warframe forums and community a much nicer thing to be a part of. I love the interaction between the developers and their fan base that DE has created. I want to see this interaction be as fun and as useful as it possibly can be. 


(I was unsure of where to post this exactly, as it applies to any of the feedback thread areas really. I will also update this as any other relevant information comes to me)



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