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10 hours ago, Gandergear said:

The idea clashes directly with the style of the game (which DE's said they want to preserve multiple times)

You said it doesn't fit the game's style but I think what you meant to say was you personally don't like how it looks. Because I'm pretty sure I can go to an Earth remaster tile and find a plant that looks just like the Peculiar we've been shown.

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On 17.04.2018 at 9:41 PM, _Ruby_Rose_ said:

No one listens to the streams eh?
They are combined with an existing mod
So it's a basically a Point Strike (i think thats the mod) with that peculiar mod.
Mogamu says it as well

In the same very same they said that the mods have no purpose and their usage would mean sacrificing performance just for fluff.

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Im not going to sacrifice damage for flowers but its cool.




OK so aparently these are modifyers that go on other mods.






and I still dont care. its a money grab. could be kinda cool depending, but that is what it is. your giveing a rarity to things on top of there rarity so people will buy and sell for more. its a good business tatic but its dumb.

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On 17/04/2018 at 8:30 PM, Synpai said:

And here I was feeling like history was about to repeat itself.


I know that it means nothing until I feel the mods firsthand, but I have a question pounding in my head:
How many people currently use the bullet jump mods?

I can't remember the last time I've seen or used one. I enjoy the way they look and they have a pretty decent bonus to mobility.

I use them, and in fact I consider them practically mandatory on any frame build. It's a very noticeable increase in mobility, a slightly noticeable increase in drift time (useful for some things) and very useful for applying procs to enemies if I so desire (or butchering low-level corpus with the toxin mod). They carry enormous utility and so they get a slot.

Peculiar mods like this take a slot and provide no utility. I'm not even going to look at them.

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Ah some of you silly little sticklers who refuse to remove one mod , because "mah gun wunt hurts tem enuf" when a good handful of the weapons we mainly use are still fully capable of eliminating starchart enemies, even a few mods short. Would I take these peculiar mods to a sortie or extended runs? Probably not. But if I'm just running average missions, depending on how the effect procs I will use them. If the flowers proc on crits, you can bet your grumpy @$$ that I'm shoving it on my soma prime. 

Curious question now though. Will the mods be constrained to certain categories like primary or secondaries? Or will it be available to put on any weapon, regardless of category?

And as for the option to disable the effects. No. If i have to deal with you BS Mirages running Supras and other heavy effect weapons, you can deal with me putting flowers on enemies. If I wanted to live in a serious world, I wouldn't be playing video games. Its a video game, not real life. And as much as I love serious and grimdark stuff, it gets boring when that's ALL there is. Its visual balancing, throw in wacky or fluff things before going back to the serious grimdark stuff. It refreshes the senses and keeps the player from getting bored/desensitized to the serious stuff. 

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It's just a small Idea. But I think it might be plausible. What if instead of it being part of the loot table of a game mode I believe was quoted to being for "The More serious" kind of player as it seem's they are the one's griping the most about it. How about turn it into a alert type thing for Clem or add them to the Clem given mission rewards loot table.

I think one way to make it interesting and more likely to be usable. As I believe it was said that the Mod capacity was going to be expensive (As if prime mods aren't expensive as it is.) Which honestly sounds like a bad Idea for the fact you may need to sac not just 1 mod but possibly more to have the joke effect added on. Allow the Peculiar to go in the Arcane Slot if anything rather then be a Mod. This would be my solution due to the backlash it's receiving. Also as other's said and to prevent the inevitable trolling to commence allow client side disable of said effect caused by them. 

Long story short. I personally cant wait for the peculiar though it mostly due to hype and kinda hoping the put out a peculiar similar to grunt birthday party on head shots that explode in confetti and a cheer like in Halo.

One other neat concept would be adding possible mission modifiers of sorts. Sorta like with the Nightmare mode where people can basically ramp the difficulty up for themselves and gain a credit/exp/resource boost based on what the modifier is and how hard it would make the level. Cause imagine being able to get a chance at a built in resource doubler by ramping up the difficulty of Lua by adding a modifier that reduced max health/shield/and armor or lowered pwr str by 1/2 or even reduced duration of powers too. The more modifiers you add the more the reward. Also the greater the risk in a sense. Cause it could be only 1 life with you down you die with no rescue. It's the challenge that possibly people are looking for.

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mods that give you ...... silly effects? 
I mean I dont have anything particular against for "just for sh*ts and giggles" mentality but they do take a mod slot

at best people are gonna use em couple of times for cheap laughs and then go back to normal builds

also I do also think its a waste of potential
coz I would actually like to use mods that have some kind of unique behavior that still increase your effectiveness in combat

thats just my view on it
at the moment I have no interest on them as rewards

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I feel like these mods will be a waste of a slot for me, I personally like the idea of goofy effects, but all my weapons are built to be the absolute deadliest. If there was a slot, like the aura slot, for peculiar mods you better believe I'm going to use them. 

Peculiar mods ideas:
Manic laugh on radiation status.
Ordis yelling DIE! DIE! DIE! on rapid kills.
Massive bleeding, effect like a classic Japanese samurai film, on crit. 
Confetti on headshot (Grunt birthday style).

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I'd love to see a peculiar mod that makes your gun shout "Clem" and/or "Grakata" when firing a gun... or maybe one that makes Ordis shout "Headshot" on the top of his lungs when you land a headshot. (In his Ordan Karris voice, obviously. That's much more interesting.) 

However, those aside, there is one mod that I would pay platinum for... A mod that makes someone say "pew" every time the gun fires. (I honestly couldn't care less who it is, it sounds good in my mind in all cases. Save maybe for Ostrons... in my head they make it sound pretty obnoxious. Now making the Worm Queen say it would make it legendary!)

Just some ideas. :D

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I want peculiar mods that range from the trivial to the awesome. 

Planting flowers and shouting Clem! Grakata! , or randomizing the warframe's colors on each kill would be the simple ones.

I think it would be nice to give a little indirect bonus to using a peculiar. 

A little bit of XP buff, and make them give the player mod points instead of costing mod points.

Warframe-equipped peculiars would occupy the Exilus slot.


Intermediate level mods:

The Kubrow or Kavat shouting a big howl to the sky on kill, briefly becoming a giant monster. Since this would take some animation time and render the pet useless, it would also make the pet invulnerable. 

Supergore would increase the amount of blood and guarantee gibs and screams on kill. 

Soap Opera Death has the bleeding warframe to act like a cheesy, hammy actor on a soap opera death scene, monologing its last words.


The crown jewels of the Peculiar mods would be my proposal for SUPER SENTAI TRANSFORMATION MODS.


I dont know why my thread was removed from the  forums. I got no communication of why it happened, or if it was merged.

Super Sentai transformation trigger on switch to and from operator <-> warframe.

Those would render enemies inside the area of effect paralyzed and invulnerable - so they can watch the transformation. As is apt in such shows, the enemies become immobile while the long transformation sequence happens. 


Super Sentai Transformation mods would have 10 levels, and initially the animation wouldn't be complete. Each level unlocks an additional 1 second of animation, until it becomes complete at full level. 

it would play like a power rangers or Sailor Moon transformation, with the frames rotating in the air while glittering drapes of light fold around the character to create the new form. 

Transformation would be accompained by ambient music.

Moody cloud - Character always has a dakr cloud on top of its head, raining and making a little lightning (no damage).


Super Sentai mods would launch gradually, here is my proposed order: 

Super Sentai - Classic Power Rangers style, character touches a watch that triggers the new form reveal, with the helmet being the last part. Strike a pose at the end.

Magical Girl - Sailor Moon Style transformation with pinks and purples and oranges and yellows, and a sugary song. drapes of light surround the character and the pet/sentinel would have chibi forms while they watch.

Evil Epic Reveal - Character channels inner strength to rip out of its old body in a seemingly painful transformation. Arms and legs flex muscle to rip out of the old body. Transformation is accompained with explosions and thunderstorm.

Robot Ultimate Combination - Would play like a bunch of smaller robots combining to make a big megazord.

Pokeframe, I choose you! - By opening an energy device shaped like a pokedex thing, a Professor Cephalon voice announces the abilities and attacks while powerful intro shows off the warframe - or operator - being summoned. At the end, children ask "who is this operator/warframe? " It's <warframe name>! along with a dark silhouette/reveal sutscene while the frame strikes a pose.


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I'd be fine with them if they fit the game/what they're equipped to. I mean.. -- You grab your Shotgun. *chik-chak* boom! You blast Vay hek straight in the face *flowers grow*. Grineer mouths from all around drop, Vay hek's included, as they stare at the newly grown flowers. A sudden outbreak of whispers ensues amongst the Grineer platoons. You look around and ask yourself.. 'what is happening?' Suddenly, the whispers stop.. and all eyes return to Vay Hek. Vay hek, with cheeks flushed bright red, turns to you, in what seems to be slow motion. You see what appears to be tears in his eyes, as if he's become so embarrassed about being seen this way in front of his entire Platoon that he could begin crying at any moment. But.. Surely not? THE Councillor Vay hek, on the verge of tears? Impossible.. Your eyes must have been playing tricks on you. You take another look for confirmation. That's when you notice.. He's looking at you. Deep into your eyes. The tears are truly there. He grits his teeth, and his eyes close, quickly, and suddenly, knocking away his tears. Both his mouth and eyes begins to open, slowly and rigged-ly. When they finally do open, he asks you: "I-Is this what you wanted? F-For me to be... p-pretty? *his lips pucker as he bats his eyes* T...T-TENNOOooO-saaan!?!" His entire platoon suddenly screams the same thing, all at once: "Ka~waiii~!"


If it were an Oberon exclusive thing working when his abilities are affecting enemies I might be fine with it. He grows his own weed and stuff instantly, so sprouting flowers to piss off his enemies isn't that far fetch'd. 

One I might want is for the Zarr to make the droplets look like fireworks with a certain voice line played when it does. -- Shoot Zarr, it explodes, droplets that look like fireworks scatter about the place while making that woooo noise that fireworks makes, and then you hear a pre-recorded message of everyone's favourite Kuva Witch say "boom~! boom~! look at those fireworks~!" The visuals fit, the line fits, it's a Kuva weapon so Worms voice fits with it and Worm ftw so yay.


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I think these mods should remain in their original concept. No gameplay effect other then visual gags. That alone will curb the "issue" of feared FPS drops and weird missions. People are too fixated on their damage output to sacrifice a slot to something like this so only a small fraction of the community will. That alone will severely diminish their use. They WILL be rare and weird simply because using them will be DETRIMENTAL to player power and thus passed over. And this by the original concept seemed to be by design and I approve. 

Now as for drop tables, it depends how the drops and rewards in the Onslaught will work. If rewards will be granted for every cleared "stage" then I don't see the issue as most players with some experience (to who this is aimed) could clear a stage in around a minute. And then there's the option of having "side objectives" in a round where after completion you get these mods. Something you can choose to ignore. Basically like the per mission task we get but smaller and per stage. 

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The most peculiar thing about those mods is why you even came up with the idea for them. Change your booze or weed, guys.

It's good fun on holidays but I don't want to see this nonsense in every odd mission. Please offer a switch to disable peculiar mod effects in options for your own client, too. Spare us the space-ninja-teletubby-crossover.


Strong Moments in Warframe


- Introduction of Archwings: mission fails, the ship breaks apart, you're blown into space. Ordis sends you the Archwing.
- Revelation of Nidus and the secret infested chamber
- Hey, Kiddo!
- Orokin revealed, what's the future of the Lotus?

I think that's the stuff many players want to see more of. Story, Lore, Mystery.

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I would love to be able to turn this effect off, just for the sake of performance. i'm assuming it will have decent inpact on it. And there will be trolls running around with non-modded weapons like grakata / gorgon / soma and unleash 200 flowers on enemies just for the giggles.

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One way to make them not polluting the drop table is to make them drop out of normal rotation, right now we get rewards every 2 zones, well give a chance to drop one between  rot A and B or B and C.

So if someone is doing Onslaught and don't want Peculiar mods he won't be disappointed to get one instead of a regular reward.

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... Peculiar Bloom is a Warframe mod? An *Exilus* mod? With a completely standard 7 drain? That's the most flaccid of all possible implementations. Ffs, purely cosmetic exilus mods already existed, in Conclave.

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