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Land Sharks


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"They look more manta ray-like to me."

"Guys, they're obviously based on sting rays."

Been seeing a whole crapton of this in the feedback section. Because I'm kinda-sorta-extremely anal about this sort of thing, I'd like to point out that this so-called "skate" is not a manta. It's not a stingray. And it sure as hell isn't a shark.

It's a muddafuggin' skate.


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I think we're missing the point.  Of all the badass desert creatures DE could've used, scorpions, snakes, spiders, lizards, etc., they chose a fish...  Why?

I wondered about this too. They even have legs to scuttle around with, so what's the point of having those giant fins?

And the gills... Oh, the gills...

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