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Void Room Lag Since Update 9.5


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I have noticed lag and frame drops in this specific room in the void since update 9.5.

This is happening running through the mission myself.


The room I am writing about is the room with the four pressure plates to open up two small secret rooms on the first floor and it does not matter if I am in an extermination or raid mission.




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FPS lag.


The kind of internet lag I get is always related to the AI.

Was going to add to the thread you linked but to make the issue more aware I decided to add my own thread with the room which shows signs of frame drops along with slight slowdown on movement.

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Done more testing and it appears the center piece (petrified tree) appears the be the source of the lag.


I can aim directly at the center of the tree and the frame rate will stay laggy.

Even running gets slower.


Aim below or above the tree and the frame drop goes away.


System Specs:-

Intel i5 2500K


HD7870 13.5 beta 2 drivers with 13.5 CAP

Running game off 1TB hard drive

650w PSU

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