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(Portuguese) Master Thief Translation


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For the love of God, " Mestre Lalau"?

No offense to whoever did this translation, but it is absolutely awful. It was the first translation for Master Thief, then it got changed to "Mestre Ladrão" (wich is about as good as it can get and is worlds better).

I mean, seriously, "Lalau" is a slang in portuguese, and not even a popular one. There are no slangs in any mod names in the original english and there are tons of words in portuguese to translate it satisfactory/ "Mestre Gatuno", "Mestre Ladrão", "Mestre do Roubo" (wich is an aproximation but still better than "Lalau").

Why on Earth did it reverse? Jeez, please re-re-change it.

PS: I say that without an intettion to offend the person that translated that. I am, however, p1ssed at the translation.

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I translated it like that. Indeed a lot of people hated it, but a lot more liked it since it brought a little bit of cultural personality to the game. It was reverted, yes, then re-reverted after people who liked it asked for it.


It's hits and misses. Obvioulsy one can't simple translate everything right down the middle. Thankfully we have this sub-forum for these matters =)



Still, i for one always have tried (and will continue to, until told otherwise) to adapt rather than simply translate.


EDIT: That's not saying i'll be touching that string again, by the way =)

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You should always adapt, not simply translate, you're right about that, however, cultural and local references should usually be avoided.
Usually, you would reserve puns, references or cultural topics for when the english version has one. Instead of translating something that wouldn't make sense for brazilians, you would adapt an existing reference.

In this case, a simple translation is best, with you having multiple synonyms to pick from, whereas Lalau is a word that isn't actually cultural in Brazil, it's fairly localized to some states. I live in São Paulo and I hadn't heard this expression in years.

There are many ways to make people like something, you could, for example, call the mod "Deputado de Brasília" and it'd make sense, but someone that doesn't hate politicians could be offended, the mod could not be so obvious until you read the description and some people could just outright lose the reference.

Adaptation is superior to translation, but clarity is best.

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Biggest problem I see with it is that "Lalau"is a slang, and not a popular one at that, that is mostly used to refer to thieves in a way as if you're mocking them.

The most popular use for it is to make a reference to brazillian politicians. Other than that, i haver never heard of it in any other way, and it does not comes to me as "cultural" at all.

I wouldn't want to put any mods on my warframe or weapons with a type of language as that. Switched to english language in the meantime.

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Well, a big part of the Brazilian community didn't liked it so we changed to "Mestre Ladrão", but i don't know who changed it back to "Mestre Lalau", i saw people complaining about this and changed it back to "Mestre Ladrão", i'll make sure people from Portuguese Localization Team don't change it again, sorry about the annoyance.

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