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Stop Complaining About Event Completion


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For those of you that refused to play during the time it took us CONTRIBUTORS to finish it, I have no sympathy.(3 days?)

For those that claim they had no time to get their points, I have no sympathy.(3 hrs max in 3 days, you had plenty of time)

For those that expect DE to cater to their whines and complaints, I have no sympathy.(This company is always working hard to ensure that ALL of us have the best experience possible and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few)

For those that insist on playing solo, I have no sympathy.(this is SUPPOSED to be played COOPERATIVELY)

This event as all others was very easy to get your contribution(these events are TEAM events not SOLO events).


The ONLY, VALID COMPLAINT is from those that could not get the update properly. I will say this and maybe it will get to DE, MOST players that I have noticed having this issue are using STEAM. This along with STEAM's fraud alert system which blocks players from buying PLATINUM regularly is a lot of the issues that I have seen drive players away.

If nothing else DE should develope a system to allow players to divorce their accounts from STEAM entirely and allow them to run from the original launcher and buy platinum through the Warframe site directly.

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Please see here:


and here:


I'm locking this as I feel the conversation comes down to what Steve and I have said in those posts, I don't want people picking each other apart about the event after what we've said.

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