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Heyo Guys,


Im new to the Forum, but not so new to the game itself. And I love the game and I want to support the Devs and get the 90€ Founder package. Am I able to buy it with Steam Wallet, or buy it with 2x 50 € Paysafecards (First the Founder for 45€, then the one for 90, I should get a difference from 45€, right)?


Hope you can help me, thanks :)



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Yes, you should be able to buy it from the steam wallet, if you in fact have it on steam, that's the only way TO get it.


As far as the second part, if you bought the tier 1 package, the cost will be deducted from all the rest, so spending 45 euros on one will make all the higher packages cost 45 less.


Hopefully this helps.

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Thanks to both, I guess :)


Thanks for the Forum Introduction :D And I readed on some forums that youre not able to buy it with steam wallet, and some say you are able to. I gues I'll do it with the 2 paysafecards and the both packages. It will be easier then :D



And I love the Founder Packages! I get one of my favorite warframes in a prime version! This is epic! And a nice melee weapon, but the most interested thing is: Design Council. I LOVE IT!


Also I'll will post one Idea later the days.. It's a Warframe Idea I already made a long time ago.. a Air/Wind/Storm Warframe :D

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