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Defence Bug


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I have had this happen to me a number of time now, I took a screenshot this time as shown below, but what happens is this, part the way through a defence mission the game just stops, although everything around me seems to keep going |I cannot move my Warframe and the mouse cursor appears on the screen, and there is a image showing a reputation thingy on screen "shown in image below".


You cannot exit the game by using escape, only way is to ctrl/alt/del and close the game that way, this has only been happening to me this past few days, have never experienced it before, anyway I have given as much detail as I can about it and hope a fix can be found, I am going to uninstall the game and clean registry and delete folder and re-install the game again in the hope it fixes the issue, whether it is just with me or not I don't know, not seen anyone else complain about it.






EE.log file - http://xpcgaming.com//LoneRenegade/WarFrame/EE.log


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Well I uninstalled Warframe and cleaned all registry entries out and reinstalled, but still got the bug, came right towards the end of the wave 30 which we were doing well in, but then BAM!! reputation screen again.


DE can you tell us whether this will be fixed soon, as it is not worth playing until it is fixed.

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