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Blunt Zaw sounds are messed up (FIXED)


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I just built a hammer Zaw using the new Rabvee strike, and brought it to Hydron to max it before gilding. I broke a few boxes in the starting room, and the sound was good, but when I started hitting enemies with it, it made the same kind of slashing sound you'd expect from something like a sword. It only makes proper "blunt" sounds when it hits the ground, and "sharp" sounds on enemies and walls. This doesn't really look like a big deal, but it honestly ruined the weapon for me. It just feels awkward using it. I've also encountered this issue on another Zaw, a Kronsh machete, but on a much lesser scale. The spinning thing it does on charge attacks with Sundering Weave makes sharp sounds as opposed to blunt sounds, though this doesn't apply to the similar spinning attack in the block combo.

Edit: already fixed, thanks DE!

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