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Non-Grind Events?


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The lore, rewards etc are cool but the actual mechanism of the events could be made MUCH more interesting. There are other ways to reward/promote involvement besides a pure repetitive point grind.


The last 3 events had Maximized goals. Maximized Tasks (steiner's division of tasks) means the more you do of something, the greater the result is. EG: Add more weights to a pile, get a heavier pile. Maximized tasks get boring quickly, because they are by definition repetitive.


Tasks can also be Optimized, meaning the BETTER you do something, the better the result is. EG: running a race 100 times does not mean you'll beat someone who runs once. Everyone's best time wins. Optimized tasks get boring less quickly, because they inherently are a challenge.


Un-grinding Events


To create more variety in WF events (and the game in general) DE can consider adding some Optimized tasks to events.


Example 1: (maximized then optimized)

-Complete Alert missions for key components (call them whatever you like). maximized

-Use key component to open void (call whatever you like), where you run an obstacle course to deliver item. The farther you get, the more points you get. Optimized


Example 2: (maximized + optimized)

-Progress through missions stealthily to find a specific type of event mob. He spawns repeatedly. When you kill him you get points. However, the higher the alert level is, the less likely that mob is to spawn. maximized AND optimized


Example 3: (pure optimized)

-Enter an alert defense mission w special mobs etc.

-Your total event score = the highest wave you've reached (you can replay to get better). Optimized


Yes, sling-stone had varying point levels - but those had nothing to do with gameplay. You Optimized the task by putting the right team together in chat or clan. Not fun.


Making Participating Meaningful


In addition, tasks in which each member performs the same function repeatedly (for hours, in this case), also tend to get boring more quickly. Obviously.


Some tasks really don't have much depth or variety. Like tugging on a rope to pull a car out of a ditch. There's not much to do besides pull. Tasks where every team member performs the same action are called Unitary, and can quickly get repetitive.


Other tasks allow for Divisible teams, meaning different members can contribute different skills. Divisible tasks promote ownership and REQUIRE involvement. EX: Driving a car to an unknown destination, one person can drive, and the other can navigate. You'll perform better with both parts, AND each person is using a different skill set.


Warframes are already built with different skill sets, so this is a logical component to add to keep events interesting.


Example 1: (combat and speed)

-keep enemies from destroying an artifact, versus waves of increasing strength. combat


-a member of your team runs to deliver datamass terminals through the level. speed


Example 2: (defensive/CC and offensive/DPS)

-defeat a powerful boss monster (offensive/DPS)


-enemies swarm in from a gate, towards the boss arena. If they reach him, he is healed. (defensive/cc)




Events can combine Optimized tasks with Divisible teams, and make really interesting events (or general mission types) which aren't grindy, and are truly memorable!



Example: (maximized task, optimized task, Divisible team)

-Complete Alert missions for key components (maximized task)

-Use keys to unlock unlimited defense mission w special mobs etc.

-The highest wave you've reached is added to your score . Optimized task, divisible team (combat)

-Every 5th wave, a door opens up and a member of your team must run through an opened pathway, fighing/avoiding enemies, and hit a switch (add lore) or the enemy damage will be increased by X% (until the next chance to hit the switch) divisible team (speed/stealth)

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These events are really are not events, more like 'community goals' that give extra rewards.


They are really just a way to keep inactive players in the game, by giving them super powerful, rare rewards that they feel will give them an edge. (IMO)


Taking up this much time for 4 day event when they could be fixing bugs, or making new content is silly.

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B-but....shooting the same, pointless enemy in the face without any challenge is fun...


-Every 5th wave, a door opens up and a member of your team must run through an opened pathway, fighing/avoiding enemies, and hit a switch (add lore) or the enemy damage will be increased by X% (until the next chance to hit the switch) divisible team (speed/stealth)


How about if you dont kill a certain beacon every Xth wave, enemies start using orbital bombartments/airdrops/calling gunship support (those poor things are still left to rot in the grineer hangars) for outdoor defense missions.


Nice ideas.

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I wished something like Heist from the beggining. You coming to vault and physicallly (i.e. with your own hands) pack goods from that vault. Problem is, enemy outlevels you and you must find balance between workers and guardians. But! If you manage your way to the vault without putting alarm on, nothing will prevent you from clean and steady packing. It can be stopped at any moment, not "Timer or die"

It could be up to some event specifical items, resourses, valueable items transfered into credits upon completion, no matter. The thing is, you can run away with minor ammount of goods or can sit there/sneak up for good, big prize.


That, in my opinion, would be a good either event mission or another mission type. Hell, we can make resource alerts like this, would make more sense than killing Jackal on the Jupiter in 1xxth time.

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Thanks for the support guys...Would love to see more varied mission types as well.


These wouldn't have to be for Events only, just putting that out there bc DE usually looks for event feedback after one ends.


But yes....regular missions should/could use basic understanding of task taxonomy to get more interesting too!

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Good ideas im all for less gridy event/missions sure have some things that you have to grind for but I think there is already pleanty of that in warframe at the moment.


I would really like to see some things that arnt just a grind. I think there needs to be some things that arnt a grind but are still worth while doing. Right now all I can do to get what im after is grind defence mission hope for a key , get keys then grind through keys hoping to get what I want. And its quite boring but its all you can do if you want these things. Not to mention nothing else is really worth doing unless you want a warframe.

Would like to be able to do other things but still progress on what you might want, Maybe not as quickly but still progress. More options other then a grind and varity would be great.

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