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Suggestions On Trinity And Braton Polarities?



I've been rank 30 in both for awhile and I've gotten some new mods that are causing me to hit the cap (even with catalysts and such). I've decided I'll polarize both Trinity and my braton. Any suggestions on what polarize slots to utilize, as well as build suggestions for them? I've been doing just fine though I admit I've just been upgrading things as I go without worrying too much about "endgame" since I figured I'd be dropping Trinity at some point, but I've really been loving her playstyle...so I'd like to stick with her. :)  As for the Braton, I just love assault rifles with high firepower and speed.

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Braton? Definitely a couple of 'attack' or v polarity slots for serration and split chamber, they cost so much when maxed out. But again, unless you're not wanting a Braton Prime at all, I would suggest holding back for one.


Trinity? I think she'd benefit well from a 'tactical' or dash polarity or two, maybe even change her aura mod slot to the same one as energy siphon to get more mod capacity out of it.

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