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Bit Of Reassurance For Phobos Boss Mission



This is an open letter to the warframe community.


Is it just me getting unlucky or are the boss drops a bit screwy.


At the moment I posses about 10 barrels and 4 handles for the Miter with another 4 blueprints for the gun with no luck with other parts or gremlin BPs. Do I simply need to "get lucky" with the RNG or is it broken at the moment due to the RNG 2.0?


Your advice and feedback is greatly appreciated.


Yours Faithfully



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Well, it´s not official yet but I´m pretty sure that the Miter & Twin Gremlins parts drop rate is broken and there´s a lot of players complaining about it. Seems there´s always a missing part to build the miter, no matter how many runs you do.


But don´t worry, it´ll be fixed soon.

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