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Black Screen After Boss Cutscene


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I was just doing a run on the Phobos with one of my friends and everything went just fine. We get to the boss, and for some reason, I got stuck with a black screen. I can still do things, but I can't see anything.


Anyone else have this problem? I really am hoping for it to get fixed.

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Dont know how, but me and my mate got a tons of rare mods from Phobos, was awesome, was going to do  Cpt Vor and Ltnt Lech Kril , my mate got black screened, and the bosses were invisible. and we cannot forget that there was a tons of creeps that also was invisible.

This was the third time something spazzed out. Fix this S#&$. Srsly.  FIX THAT @(*()$ S#&$.

Edit - Sorry DEv's for my bad temper/foul language.

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