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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4


This will indeed be the first of many Hotfixes this week - Khora will see many changes this week that we are going to start bundling together as soon as next Hotfix! Please stay tuned - more details to come as we fight fires!

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes:

- Potential fix for a deadlock that could occur between Zones.
- Fixed many common crashes with Sanctuary Onslaught - still more to go!
- Fixed inbox transmissions missing from Simaris - he recorded a selfie-video for you all but forgot to attach it earlier.
- Removed a larger cap room from the Grineer Galleon as AI had pathing problems from them.
- Fixed an exploit where hosts running at (intentionally) low framerate could cause the mission timer to run super slowly.
- Fixes to ensure mission timer pauses once all enemies have been cleared and players are waiting for portal to appear.
- Fixed an issue for Clients when transitioning through the portal, which could result in Clients not hearing music.
- Potential fix for being sent back to previous room when falling into pit immediately after Conduit use.
- Fixed issues with enemies spawning out of attack range on a tile.
- Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck on certain ledges.
- Fixed issues on Moon tile with spawns & getting stuck


- Rabvee strike one handed stance polarity changed to Zenurik to match existing Stances.
- Peculiar Bloom Mod can now be chat-linked!

- Fixed a game freeze that could occur with Sancti Tigris's Syndicate effect.
- Fixed an issue where players could fall out of the Grineer Forest tile as seen:


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Hey, got a post on the first page of a hotfix :) Just wanted to take this moment to say I really appreciate the work you folks are actively putting into developing Warframe- and I'm absolutely loving playing this game! The new game-mode of onslaught is a really welcome change of pace to the alternate means of gather focus, and the elite mode has really compelling rewards to keep me playing every day. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do, and I can't wait to see what the next update brings! :D

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When are going to get rewarded for every zone.

When can we see the removable of endo so other drops have increased chances like those khora or vandal parts.

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wrong place i know, but can you please give the portal in the onslaught a physical frame like a defense pod(map-wide with lowest threat rating), so at least enemies will agro rather than hide in corners of the map? design isnt perfect but atleast its a good place to level weapons.

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3 minutes ago, VengefulMaelstrom said:

Please give a reward for each zone of Santuary Onslaught instead of every 2 zones, makes getting the parts with abysmal drop rates easier

Or you could just take your time and not expect to be rewarded with everything on the first day.

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