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Volt And Flux Rifle Bug


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I've been getting repetitive disconnects yesterday and today, as well as crashing the entire group on several occasions when firing the Flux Rifle through the Volt's Electric Shield.  Is anyone else getting this problem, or is there a graphics setting causing this?  This is causing me an immense headache.  Thanks.

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If anyone could test this out in their own games, I'd be very grateful.  I'd hate to think that I'm the only one with the problem.  After all, I keep disconnecting my teammates with this bug, so I highly doubt it's client-side.


I'll test it right now and see if it happens to me.


Okay, went to the first node of Phobos. Nice huge areas to test this problem.


I didn't have any crashes or glitches happen to me. I made sure my targets were as far as possible as well. Used the shield, then flux as stated.


my shield is only rank 1, however. That MIGHT be a factor, but I can't say for sure.


I also don't have Physx enabled at the moment. Perhaps that might also be a factor, if you have it on?


Hopefully this isn't a widespread glitch. I don't think it is, seeing as no one else has posted about it. But if it persists for you then I suggest messing with your options. And if it still continues, contact support.

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I will mess around with my settings and shield ranks and come back with my own results.


I highly doubt it's client-side since I disconnect my teammates doing this, sometimes ruining whole rooms.


That would leave shield rank as the most likely factor, as mine is maxed.

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I see.  Thank you for the links.  Apparently searching for the threads through Google doesn't work, else I would have found them sooner.

I guess I'll have to give up on Volt for now.

Yeah, it doesn't seem like anything from this forum is indexed by Google

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