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Defense On Xini Suddenly Goes...


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Yeah, this seems to keep happening to people.

I've made exact same thread as you just one or two days ago.


Nobody really knows what it is and DE keep their mouths shut, we just got to endure this till they decide to either fix it or tell us what it is.

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Posted a lot of times to be noticed.


I personally can see this being abused a lot by trolls and players who need to have the highest kills to make the longevity of this game viable.

My GFWL in game reputation for example is at an average standing due to beating sore losers in certain PvP games.


Maybe the reputation system will be software based judgement on what the outcome will be.

Hopefully it will neither be exploitable nor cast bad judgement on players who indeed work as a team.

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 Wave 15, pod is almost dead (7%), and I suddenly get this right as I'm about to put down some fire:




Not sure what it is, maybe a way to assess teammates after a match? I dunno, but I couldn't get to the menu to abort. Had to exit to desktop and close warframe :(


Got the same thing, but pod was at -891%... Thats negative... How is that even possible? Also, same issue with buttons not working and tons of people joining and leaving. Had to close to desktop as well.

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