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War Wolves Are Recruiting


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I am Razorfire, clan leader of the War Wolves.


I created this clan awhile ago, but haven't active in asking Tenno to join my clan.

Mostly I was interested in how the game was put together and I was exploring the Dojo system a bit.


Now, while I'm not exactly opening my clan's doors just yet, I'm willing to consider applicants now, but I'll do so with caution and due dilligence. I won't discuss the actual state of my Dojo in terms of construction, because that shouldn't be a concern for a Tenno. A Tenno's concern, in my opinion, is who he will run missions with, how he can contribute to the welfare of the clan, and how many of those in the clan a Tenno can call friend.


Our play style is about tactics and how our abilities can mesh with other's abilities.


Clear the map, collect all the drops that can be found, teach and learn how to play the game, and have a good time.


Everyone fights, everyone wins.


Pretty simple, huh?


You can catch me online or you can post to this thread and I'll try and catch you.


I'm primarily interested in West Coast Tenno, but I'll consider others elsewhere, but the idea is to have people to hook up with in missions, not log into an empty clan channel. 


EVERYONE will be evaluated before getting an invite to my clan, I want to see your play style.


If the clan gets large enought, I will consider a private Team Speak server, in the meantime, I'm aware of a running TS server available for the Tenno population in general. 


The War Wolves does not have a web site or a lore, but that can change. Some of you guys that want to join will probably have that kind of talent. 


Looking forward to meeting you all.


Good hunting, Tenno!

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