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Volt... The New Zeus.


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So yeah.... effect is permanent and follows you wherever you go. Other players can see it too, good for trolling.

That's Shock, by the way. Well... Shocks.
Edit: Caused by choosing an energy colour that defaults to blue in game.


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How exactly would one trigger this glitch?

I'm not 100% sure but I have an idea which I haven't bothered testing yet. I think that when you set your energy colour too a dark black or possibly other colours, you get the standard blue energy for your skills, and I think that's causing a bug somehow.

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Wow ! That's pretty amazing ! *.*

Doesn't make your PC to freeze or crash because of the violent lightning effects (or maybe just burn your eyes) ?

Doesn't seem to effect performance much if at all really. Gave me a headache though lol
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