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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

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3 hours ago, VioletGoblin said:

Is your laptop running Warframe for a standard hard drive?

I have no loading issues when changing zones (whiteout last no longer than 3 second), but I am running Warframe off a removable SSHD with a 3.0 usb. (WD My Passport)

My problem is not a loading issues while changing zones either, it's almost instantaneous. My problem is that at the end of each zone(the timer reaches 0 seconds), the portal(conduit) to the next zone does not show up for 30+ seconds sometimes, while other times it shows up almost instantaneously. To clarify again, the problem is not that I jump in the portal and I take 30sec to load, is that the portal that takes you to the next zone does not appear for a considerable amount of time(considering this is basically a time attack mode) and during this forced wait at the end of each zone for the whole group, the efficiency is ticking down.

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I see more and more how the new changes are even starting to divide the community.

For no reason, this guy suddenly starts to assault me.
Because I have a weapon that is in need of some levels, yes.
But my melee isn't a weapon?



Round 1 starts with drudges only it seems.
And some of them just wander around, starting passive like their worker brothers on Ceres.
With a horrible low spawn rate, this round is a 'hang on untill the next one' type.

Again, this still isn't a reason for this person to be all 'up in the rear'
Because I go through this wave without trouble.

Point is;
The changes have made some people extremely frustrated, and they start judging people before the onslaught even begins.
Some start to think they are gods, and consider themselves too good to be with others.
I can go past rounds 10 or 12 with my melee, and am not interested on rankings.
the only thing that allways messes up a round, is never finding any targets anymore.
Searching the area for even 1 enemy to kill.
And that's just low spawn rate, nothing about my efficiency.

He should've been in the the second game.
Where the host dies, and just quits.
Leaving us 3 remaining people, again with empty hands and wasted time.
And a forced alt-f4 on an endless loading screen.

I am afraid I have to agree with others, that this should be the main focus of the hotfixes.
Host migrations have been the killer since day 1, and it's starting to show. (as seen by *blank*'s comment)

All else is luxury.
Just please...
Give the host migration deadlocks and low spawn rates priority.

Thank you :heart:

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On Sanctuary Onslaught:

Is the spawning logic supposed to encompass only specific enemy sub-types, like Dredge and Ancients? 

I got up to Zone 5 in the normal Onslaught, spawned into the Grineer Asteroid boss room tileset (Vor's raised platform), and saw nothing but Dredge Foremen and Scrappers there. Barely got to the next zone, then saw only Ancients (all three types, but only Ancients) in the Orokin Derelict dual-floor tree room. Spawn rate was dismal - it was something like one or two Dredgers each time I made a circuit of the room, and two or three Ancients out of each door. Certainly nowhere near the volume previous seen in Onslaught.


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Something that could really benefit this game mode! Being that it would simply look amazing, maybe add sanctuary-esque partical effects to all sanctuary specimens to make them look as if we were actually inside the sanctuary, and not another generic arena-survival mission. Some blues or gold pixelated effects would look really intresting if done right. 

Think the partical effects given when capturing a simaris target with the scanners. 

I hope this is read and considered, :3

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4 hours ago, rainightmimi said:

Yes. if they're willing to adjust the drop rate, the player is still willing to play it, but DE don't,and host migration with other bugs make this gamemode difficult.

Maybe I need a TL;DR

1) DE's given drop rates are transparent, but that doesn't mean they are acceptable.

2) Breaks in the game mode are making poor drop rates even more frustrating.

3) Building in grind is acceptable in a free to play environment, but decisions being made are not for acceptable levels of grind.  

4) DE seems to be having a crisis of mission statement.  They promise to not install excess grind, then do things like this.  Same thing with the Hema, Xiphos, Sibear, and Lato/Braton vandals (leaving Khora out, because the 20-30 onslaught technically has better drop chances).  Can we please get an honest answer as to the goals?  It's impossible to support EA level practices and claim you're better than them, but people are doing exactly that for Warframe.  I'm just tired of broad statements that stuff like this is fair, when the math says this is designed to make the cost of grinding astronomically higher than that of buying outright with a minimum wage job.  60 hours with a take-home of 3 dollars per hour (way lo-balling the wage here) is $180.  A prime pack would let you keep $100, have platinum to spare, and have two frames.  That's no longer a game that is free to play, so much as talking out of both sides of your mouth.  A practice EA is guilty of, and I don't want to see DE replicate.  Somehow this equation escapes most people.

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I don't normally post, but this mode seriously needs work. 


This latest hotfix has lowered the enemy spawn rates dramatically from what i have seen and  I play the mode everyday, many times a day, because i don't have  any khora parts yet. 



Some waves are just drudges, some just ancients, and when they spawn this way, the numbers are so low.

Host migration  leads to losing all progress.

Also sometimes the first portal to start the onslaught sometimes does not work and everyone has to quit and start over.

Efficiency is lost while waiting for portal to open.


Please fix the onslaught. It's a damn mess.

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Host of squad left in Sanctuary Onslaught. On top of not receiving any of the rewards and not being able to continue with the other squad members, I was stuck in the loading screen for ~20 minutes until I just had to Ctrl+F4 out of it. Great hotfix guys.

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Just thought i'd throw it out there, I usually name my zaws by name of parts and links, for example 'Plague Kripath ERII'.

I do this because i have so many of the same variants of zaws just with different links.

I go to name one of my new ones 'SHTUNG DOKRAHM VIIJ' and the new zaw names are setting off the 

profanity filter! XD So much for my great naming scheme... 

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  • ack & brunt/sigma & octantis with sword and shield danaus skin's melee weapon doesn't shrink when holstered as it's supposed to. (it's been here for a very long time).


  • perla pistol skin is bugged with pandero, arca sisco, and stubba.(people don't buy the bundle for a broken skin...)




  • dex furis's left pistol clip doesn't drop when reloading.



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4 hours ago, Chiharu said:

Please remove drudge blazer as spawn in onslaught please. They spawn way too low and I can't keep my efficiency up, screwing up my runs way too many times.

By Lotus, this! Or at least make them spawn more per zone, they tend to just hang around in their spawn area. And I often meet em on zone 7. Oh boy!

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