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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

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1 minute ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Added more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught.

More types???

For God sake why not drops, anything, mods, endos, materials like in all other missions with enemies!?

It will be better guys that u make huge hotfix and release him, instead to hotfixing every time after 1-2h.

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Just want to mention that between 5th and this hotfix I was somehow becoming invincible after using the portal. I was using Oberon and used Transference almost immediately after teleporting. It happened to me twice and the effect persisted between zones.

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2 minutes ago, --Q--Animan8000 said:

in Elite Sanctuary I mean. I haven't played that far in the low tier one

I meant for ellite. ended up running it twice and crashed everytime i got to zone 21. if it didnt crash then the portal wouldnt spawn

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you know that SO is unplayable? where are the fixes for the rewards, host migration, stucking in endless loading screen, bugging void portal, not progressing any further, ect, ect.? 

i lost 2 vandal parts and lots of focus because of this. 

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I gave up on reporting bugs a few months ago since most of what I report is never acknowledged or addressed, with the exception of chat bugs fixed by Pablo. (<3 Pablo)

Here's my current list of things that have annoyed me for 6+ months, and led to me taking a break from the game for a couple months:

* Unbounded overlay map is very intrusive and needs a review (or a 3rd option) 

* Kuva placement and visibility problems on infested tiles

* Ability use should not be blocked while fishing spear is equipped

* Abilities should be able to target Firbolgs and Bolkors

Other issues:
* Gara's Splinter Storm should not break corpus windows when you run past
* Switching to/from operator with a high ping takes several seconds, e.g. 500ms ping takes 5s to switch to switch sometimes
* Operator void dash frequently results in out of bounds and position reset
* Operator damage kicking you back to your frame resets your position to the first time you used operator, frequently the start of the mission
* Energizing Dash does not work if you land running - you need to pause after the dash and transfer back
* If you get Session Full when joining a session then the next mission selection does not work - you need to select it, cancel, select again 

QoL improvements:

* Range for melee weapons should be listed in game. I'd be content with listing the base range so we can compare similar items, e.g. Orthos Prime vs other polearm. 
* Ambient ship + dojo sounds need a separate volume setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Message beep volume should have a separate setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Trade interface needs multi-select, similar to selling for ducats or credits. Current interface is awkward
* Relic enrichment interface is awkward when enriching 10+ - click relic, click radiant, click ok, refresh screen, repeat. This should allow multiple, or at least not reset selection
* Please add a Hide Mastered filter in Market and Dojo 
* Ability to issue commands to lures/spectres/etc from further away, especially when they are off the ground and you can't get close enough to hit X


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