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Windows And Simulated Environments


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I think it would be awesome if we could have rooms with big windows where you can stare off into space, often during missions I'll only get a fleeting glimpse into the cosmic tapestry that is space before a Grineer Roller slaps me on the butt and challenges me to fisticuffs.

I'm imagining them being in the clan halls or grand(er,ist) halls, with meditation rings lined in front of them.
I think a meditation room would be cool to add it would be a place smaller than the clan halls where clanmates can get a little more relaxed and have a chat about life and how sometimes it's hard being a space ninja and being constantly challenged to fisticuffs by rollerballs. In these meditation rooms i see a room about the size of the dueling room with large windows (or maybe just a room encased in glass allowing a sprawling view of space. at the center is a console that allows you to change a holographic environment (just for wow factor and kicks) to your liking on the fly, I see the standard one being the solar system view like when you first log in, A pond based on that found on earth with koi and such, an alien jungle, a grass field, a snowy tundra, a warm desert, an orokin room, a camp fire ,a beach, maybe even an underwater one.

Can you imagine sitting down with your clanmates and planning your resource run or frame build around a serene pond listening to the water swirl and flow as the koi swim around as the vastness of space surrounds you?

I think that would add a little bit of awesome to the dojos.

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Great idea!  Also, we need to be able to display our weaponry.  Either in a meditation room, or other personal virtual space of some kind.  All our gear should be able to be displayed. Of course, with the windows, we might no be able to see THAT much except space, as they're supposed to be on the edge of things in the middle of nowheresville.  But planets and stars and other cosmic events would be sweet.  We should also be able to watch players going through the obstacle course more closely, maybe with a scope or something.

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