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Black Screen - Iliad


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Sometimes when we reach the boss and the intro video plays, it doesn't play and my game freezes then the screen goes black. I can still type and hear things around me, but I cannot see or take any action. I don't seem to die or take damage either. This has happened to me about 4-5 times already and has happened to other party members as well.


And by intro video i mean the boss cutscene

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I'm currently having this happen with the Vor/Krill fight. My clan mates tell me I can move/cast, but I can't see squat, not even waypoints. Just the chat.


Thankfully, looks like they dropped barrels and miter bps for the fourth time in a row again when this happened. 'Thankfully'.


Edit: On a side note, Vor and Krill often also do a weird glitchy little spazz dance on their intro, like they're stuck in something, rather than properly taunting when they're in their cut scene. When its not blacked out, that is.

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Getting black screen too during the cutscene. 


On top of that, Mag seems to have a bug with pull. After pulling a bunch of enemies and slaughtering them with hate, a trail of bullets (either corpus of grineer) hits my mag with 100% accuracy, extreme fire rate and I cannot dodge it. The bullets originate from nowhere, and caused my death several times. After I die, I see that the bullets keep trailing from the wall consistently on my dead body X(

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