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Crashing before mission


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Well, this is a first. After all the problems I have been with this program. It starts up to the solar system selection. If I try to start a mission it goes again with the Evolution Engine Crash. This is not my PC but fixing this might help reduce problems in the future.


Assert in CacheMgrImpl::Read(): (cacheHandle->uncompressedOffset + size <= cacheHandle->fileSize) [CacheMgr.cpp:1576] in 00482F44() [????????.???:0]

C:\Users\REBA\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2012.\EE.cfg is your Evolution config file.

C:\Users\REBA\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2012.\Editor.cfg is your Darkitect config file.

C:\Users\REBA\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2012.\EE.dmp is a mini-dump of Warframe's memory space.

Please tell me what's wrong. :)

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